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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pong Tries Vlogging - Miron Bridge & Fox Cities Trestle - Friendship Trail

Vlogging? This is taken in Menasha, WI. Miron Bridge & Fox Cities Trestle - Friendship Trail. 
I do not have video editing skills. Haha! Just found this on my phone. Originally this is from my GP. So, this is me with Nicole braving the cold. It's -2.2C then. It was still a great experience seeing the river and it's all ice. I remember seeing two guys attempting to do some ice fishing but did not push through. Gosh, I miss WI! Yeah I can say it! Haha. Arte.

So, for the mean time, ito muna. Next time na yung montage and yung brightness man lang sana. Haha! 

Vlogging from the Miron Bridge & Fox Cities Trestle - Friendship Trail

speak from the heart, 
pong 🐢💙

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pong Travels: Mt. Talamitam and Dudong Cove

Hello! Bundok hits muna tayo after magpalamig sa Estados Unidos. Mt. Talamitam! 🐢

[March 31-April 1, 2018]

It was my first summit of 2018! I've been to Mt. Talamitam roughly 10 years ago and the beauty of the mountain still has not changed. This is considered a minor climb and recommended for beginners, too. Difficulty Level: 3/9.☺

PissDrunx, Mt. Talamitam Summit

First climb after my US stint and I tell you, it was really tough. Haha. When I climbed this mountain 10 years ago, I have my bag with me 'til we reached the summit. And now, I didn't have anything w me - just myself, yet twas a struggle. Lack of exercise and lots of fats - yeah. Thankfully, I have very supportive friends who kept pushing me - almost literally, too. Haha. 

Mt. Talamitam - 10 years later with Yo, we didn't have a copy of the photo 10 years back - sayang!

The climb was also a celebration of Ornap's birthday. He works overseas, so it was a bit of a reunion of our barkada which we call PissDrunx. As always, it was fun, chill and w tears, too? (Bakit tayo may tears, Jong? Hehe. Ton kasi e. ♥) After the climb, we headed to the beach (it didn't have a name, so we just called it the Dudong Cove). Originally, we plan to settle at the Papaya Cove but it was so crowded. It was my first time to get drunk after so many years. But I guess it's fine as am with the right set of people. It was my first time to ride a boat as in a little boat under just the moonlight with no life vest! Crazy. Lots of things happened that weekend. Haha. Lasheng e. And am literally smiling while am typing. The kwentuhan leveled up a bit - maybe because now we're older. Oh well. Fun times. Lasheng times. PD times.

happy lunch photo

Good times - well, not so. (Sorry, Dude! Di ko kayang galit ka saken, confirmed.)
Mt. Talamitam - Topher, me and the Dude I was referring to

Some snaps below. Full album (pics + videos) here

Mt. Talamitam - mga pogi sila - yo, jorge, topher and birthday boy, ornap

Mt. Talamitam GP edit - Topher

Mt. Talamitam GP edit - Pong

Mt. Talamitam GP edit - Jorge

Tagaytay Brekky

Mt. Talamitam pababa na Saudi Pose

Mt. Talamitam - the "baby, are you okay?" pose - haha

picture muna before leaving Dasma

Super touched with this keychain! Thanks, Dude! #simplethings #bigjoys

How to go to Mt. Talamitam:

Public Transpo: Ride a bus bound to Nasugbu. Drop off point should be Sitio Bayabasan. Fare is about PHP120.

Nasugbu Bus Terminals:

  1. DLTB Bus Terminal in Buendia
  2.  San Agustin Bus Terminal in Pasay

Private Transpo: Take the South Super Highway then exit to Sta. Rosa then go straight to Tagaytay. Do a right turn and go straight until you reach the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. Go straight until you reacj Km 83, Sitio Bayabasan which is Mt. Talamitam's jump-off. 

  • Is a guide required? - They are requiring it now, but we managed not to. We were there March 31 for a dayhike. Minimum is PHP300-PHP500, it depends.
  • How much is the registration fee? PHP40 
  • Shower Fee: PHP20 
Remember: Talamitam is an open mountain so it can be very hot during summer. Make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself from the sun. It'll be worth it. 


"Leave nothing but foot prints,take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time." Enjoy! ☺

speak from the heart, 
pong 🐢💙

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

First Time sa Snow ni Pong! ❄️��

Hello everyone! 💋

Oh my goodness! It's been forever and I don't have much content anymore! It's been pretty busy the past weeks with all these "adulting" things that's been happening! Currently, I am in the land of the free and the home of the brave - hopefully I got that right. Who would have thought? Dreams really do come true. I was like, hey snow! ❄😍

This is all I've got for now. I have been so preoccupied that I don't have time to post anymore. But I've got a short clip for today. Too bad, GP failed me today. But tomorrow should be better. I've got a lot of stories to tell. Tagilid! Haha! Sorry!

speak from the heart,
pong ����

Friday, December 8, 2017

Pong Travels: Bataan - Pawikan Festival 2017 - Help Save the Turtles! 🐢

Ola! 😍

How is everyone? In reference to my previous kilig invite from Bataan Tourism (First Invite Everrr!) two weeks ago, ito na, this is it! I am finally writing about it! 😍

So long, Dude! 

♫♪ "Pawikan sa Morong, Bataan, Morong Bataan, Morong Bataan; alagaan pagkaingatan, pagkaingatan, pagkaingatan. Halina't sumabay iwagayway ang kamay, tuklasin ang pawikan sa Morong, Bataan. ♫♪ - This is the oh so catchy Pawikan Festival Theme Song (pardon the video's quality - my bad) that made us LSS (Last Song Syndrome) until we reach Manila. 😂 

 A day before the event, we arrived in Bataan around dinner time and we headed straight to the Bataan Tourism Office to get our Pawikan Festival shirts and Media ID. Right after that, we headed to Bataan White Corals Beach Resort and Hotel to get settled for the night. At this time, I had the chance to have a chit-chat with my fellow bloggers and get to know them. Sweet. 💕 Bataan White Corals Beach Resort is such a beautiful place - I wish I had a drone to have a perfect view of the place - soon enough! 😉

The annual Pawikan Festival concluded last November 25th at the Pawikan Conservation Center in Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan. 

So, what is the Pawikan Festival all about? It is basically raising awareness on how to save our endangered and beloved Pawikans. When baby Pawikans are released in the ocean, it will take them 25 years to go back via imprinting which I find so amazing that after a long time, they're able to come back, same place where they were born.  

getting ready to be released. 😍

Not only that, Pawikan Festival will also make you feel and love the rich Filipino Culture. I can indeed say that while am there, given that kind of opportunity, I just told myself, "ang sarap maging Pilipino, nakakaproud." Imagine, the people who used to get the eggs and eat them after Mommy Pawikan had laid them, now they are the ones protecting them. Sweet volunteers. 💕 And the Festival itself - the preparation, the people who put their thinking hats on, their time and their dedication and effort is just simply amazing.

Walk for a Cause started at 5AM

Mang Manolo, Chief of the Bantay Pawikan, delivers his speech about the Conservation Center's accomplishments as Gov. Abet and Sen. Villar looks on

PUP Banda Kawayan performs at The Pawikan Festival

Turtle-Inspired Body Painting

It's not only during the Pawikan Festival that we can contribute in Pawikan Conservation's Awareness. Everyday, by just simply throwing our trash in appropriate trash bins is already a big thing. Turtles are often trapped by the rubbish thrown in the ocean. We can definitely stop this, right? Easy. Just by simply being humane. This does not apply to turtles only but the entire ocean. Marine life is so beautiful and in order to maintain that, compassion and discipline are what we need. 😀

Pawikan Conservation Center has an aquarium where they keep rescued/injured turtles 

Releasing of hatchlings is done everyday (morning and by sunset time). So, if you want to witness and to learn more about it, everyone is welcome to go to Pawikan Conservation Center in Morong, Bataan. 

beaches should be clean to ensure safe passage

Sunset releasing of the hatchlings. Beautiful! 

1. Take Victory Liner bound to Olongapo
2. Get off at Olongapo Bus Station then ride a baby bus or a jeepney bound to Morong.
3. Ride a tricycle going to Pawikan Conservation Center (Entrance Fee: PHP20, open from 8AM - 5PM)
         There are several beach resorts in Morong where you can stay. But you can also stay at The Pawikan Conservation Center at a minimal price (cheapest is at PHP1000).

Mang Manolo of Bantay Pawikan - 09213602842

Share this page. Blog it. Volunteer. Donate in cash or in kind (get in touch with our lovely Bataan Tourism Folks, click website above). Be humane. 

Simple take aways and hanash from this event:

1. Sarap maging Pinoy. Konting push pa, kaya nating lahat basta may disiplina. Sobrang ganda ng dagat at ng kalikasan! Yung kultura, iba, alam mo talagang may malasakit and yung bayanihan, andun talaga. 
2.  Filipinos are indeed a happy and a talented bunch! 
3It's good to meet people who has the same passion as yours. It was my first time meeting Milet, Allan, Claire, Celine, Dennis, Mujee, Kuya Vandolf, Miss Tina, Miss Danica, Mommy Jinkee and Daddy Ruel but I felt at home right away. Hope to see you again on the road or somewhere, guys. 💋

1 Bataan
Daddy Ruel, Milet, Claire, Me, Allan, Celine, Dennis, Mommy Jinkee, Mujee

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢💙