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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Pong Thoughts: Random na Random πŸ’«πŸ’­

Hello! How’s it going? Was so pre-occupied again but I told myself that I will make time doing the things I love. And just in time, my writing soul arrived.

So what is this random post truly about? I miss the beach. I need a break from the city, I guess. Just a breather. Am dreaming about Elyu. The sound of the waves, so relaxing. I was there in 2015 and it was a blast. We had a good time – me and some friends. Troublemakers is what we called ourselves, all smiles every time I remember all the things we did there. Good times!

It been a really hot summer! Super! I mean, I love the summer season, but as the Kamikazee song goes “shet sobrang inet, abot singet”. Am thinking of going to Baguio, too. Sagada is a bit far so I guess Baguio would suffice. Elyu-Baguio trip, no?

Yesterday, I was able to spend some time with Ean’s fam at The Shang. It was a rough day and I needed to get some good vibes from the kids and to really vent out. Spent an hour at JCo alone, too. Did help, but now, I am so sleepy. I need to go home early later and get a lot of sleep. Zzzzz

Rocky’s inurnment is happening on the 29th. It’s been 9 years since he passed. Soon, it would’ve been his 32nd birthday, too. Sometimes, I still wonder what it’ll be like if he is still here. Miss you, Rock!

Just an insertion - there's always better way to communicate matters. And unfortunately, not everyone is capable of doing so. #FACTS

It’s been a month since I joined a team of passionate young professionals and a team so generous of knowledge, there’s nothing else you’d feel but welcomed. Support has been overwhelming, too. You know the saying that if it does not feed your soul, then you should let go. Indeed, it is true. We should let go of something so heavy so we can move on smoothly. Sometimes, it is the only way, you know. Good byes are never easy but is indeed necessary.

I am to publish our Sagada-Buscalan trip as I plan to be back there soon and I need to post it before heading back. It has been long overdue. It is one of my favorite trips of my existence. Definitely worth a page on my site. Hi, Tec & Tong!

Silver lining is real. You know fate always has its own ways we will never know. Thankfully, I am surrounded by a few amazing people which is more than enough. 

→ Sagada-Buscalan trip up next!

Speak from the heart,

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Finally Found (someone)?! πŸŽ‰

Hello! πŸ‘€

Finally found (someone, chos!) time to write before the year ends. 4 days to go and we are going to welcome a new year. How exciting, right? A new beginning is always something to look forward to. Am still yet to finish office stuff - not a lot now, but I still have a few. Should be done, hopefully, by tomorrow. 😊

Christmas has passed and I must say, am really getting a "Tita" now. Titas of Cavite, perhaps. I think of Christmas as a simple gathering of family members at least once a year and the kids mostly enjoy it - which is true. I think I enjoyed Christmas more when my Paternal Grandparents were still here, back when I was kid. Now, every time "ber" months come, and me hearing Christmas songs, it makes me somehow, sad. Maybe because Tatay (my Father's Dad), my walking buddy, passed away December 22, 1992. As a kid and until now, that memory is still fresh and I don't think I'd be able to get over it. Christmas Trees were set aside and we celebrated Christmas with our lifeless Tatay back then. Christmas is totally different now though, I now have my nieces and nephews and they make Christmas lighter and happier. Gotta love kids! ♥

Received lots of goodies from my team, my boss, my family and my friends. How sweet, yeah? Met some of my friends for some catching up which is always a good feeling. And I must say, we've matured. Haha. (Dapat lang, lol)

this one's sweet. pen with my website engraved and Parker for Tony Parker, my ex-hubby. lol. Thanks, BP.  

these ain't all. these are just a few. ❤

This year has been tough - I was injured and was sidelined for 6 months. But the good thing about that - I was able to spend time at home and more time with some people. I missed my Saturday Badminton Session with my Barbies. Missed traveling. Kind of missed a lot, but gained a few too. It's all about perspective, right?

Was able to tick swimming with the whale sharks in Cebu back in September off my bucket list. Met a few bloggers in Bataan and witnessed The Pawikan Festival. And just last week, I was reunited with my Barbies to play Badminton - I was just so happy to be back.

look at these two - andrew and patty. 😍

By now, you realized that the title is just a click bait - lol. But seriously though, I want to think that I found someone, but just recently, I lost that someone just like that. Sad reality. My 2017 Spotify Playlist is almost all about him. Dafuq. Haha. All good now though. Am leaving 2017 behind in a few days.

As a blogger, worldwide, a single post can be read by anyone. I've received compliments, not so good comments, an indecent proposal, love messages and almost everything in between. The people who supported me from Day 1 - you guys are the best! It has been a crazy ride - all of these, I have learned and am grateful. 2018 - let's go!

THANK YOU, all! This is yet another hanash and more to come! ♥

speak from the heart,
pong πŸ’πŸ’™

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Eiy

Helllerrr! ❤

Random thoughts: It's been quiet. I miss you, Eiy! 10 years. Love you! Please. 2017 is soon ending, please.

speak from the heart, 
xx Pong πŸ’πŸ’™

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Counting the Days! πŸŽ„

Hello! πŸ‘©πŸ»

So, my writing soul visited me yesterday. I feel the need to publish something but was too sleepy to do so. I have been very busy lately with all the things that's been going on. But this busy is a "good busy", I must say.

Month-ends are always busy at work. Timesheets, coachings, etc. Not to mention the endless timesheet challenges and stuff. And me going on an unpaid leave while all these are happening is really a brave move. 🀷🏻‍♀️🀦🏻‍♀️

My blog site is also keeping me occupied. It's been overwhelming (but my layout still sucks! Haha). Anyone, sponsor? Help, pretty please? Haha! Maayos ko din yan. πŸ˜‰ Some drafts are left unpublished. Hopefully, I can publish one on Monday.

I have an event to attend to this weekend - Pawikan Festival in Bataan. Am excited, nervous. Mixed emotions. I really don't what to expect pero kaya yan! Lavern!

I hope I can squeeze everything in a day. I mean all the things that I need and I want to do. Sana ako si Super Pong! Haha. Lahat nakaplot sa calendar e. But am not complaining. Forever grateful.

But sometimes, there are things and people that we, unconsciously, due to the demands of our everyday lives, we almost forget that they exist and they are once part of our daily routine. Sad reality. 😞 But then again, it takes two brave souls for a relationship to work. Even friendship is a relationship too. Siguro it's true that no one is really that busy, we can always make time if we want to. Always make time for folks who matters the most! Love lang, bawal hate.

How Pretty, right? Taken at The Posh Podium

Merry Christmas, guys! Thanks for reading my hanash for today! Happy Thanksgiving to my friends from the US of A!

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speak from the heart,
pong πŸ’πŸ’™

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pong Soundtrip: Can I Kill it with You? (I like you) ⏰

Good morning from rainy Manila! ☔

let me kill it with you ♥
photo credits: Google

I have been listening to this song, 400 Lux (by Lorde), since forever. Haha. Nakaka-adik. Yung feeling na para kang sinasapian or high ka pag naririnig mo sya. Lalo na yung intro. Hehe. Sabi nga ni Ken, "basura, labas nyo na, andyan na yung truck". Haha!

Well, anyway, this song, tingin ko, pwedeng pang roadtrip. Yung tipong pang malayuang byahe with your travel buddies, friends or your special someone. Mas maganda. Hehe.

I used to have a partner in crime, kasama ko sa lahat. E now, maybe we grew apart or what not. Not sure. Kaya, am looking for a travel buddy. Pakisend your resume saken. Hehe.

I actually thought of one person with this song, kaya lang ang dami na kasi naming napuntahan sa panaginip. Dun na nga lang din kami nagkikita. Haha. Dun tayo sa realistic, ayt? Haha!

♫🎢♪ We're never done with killing time
Can I kill it with you?
'Til the veins run red and blue
We come around here all the time
Got a lot to not do, let me kill it with you ♫🎢♪

♫🎢♪ I love these roads where the houses don't change (and I like you)
Where we can talk like there's something to say (and I like you)
I'm glad that we stopped kissing the tar on the highway (and I like you)
We move in the tree streets
I'd like it if you stayed ♫🎢♪

Yun lang, just random thoughts. ☺

speak from the heart,
pong πŸ’πŸ’™

Monday, August 28, 2017

Pong Thoughts: August is Almost Over! πŸ™†

Hello hello! 😍

It's been a while and my blog has reached almost 9K views. I haven't posted in a while (in a while twice in one sentence, lol πŸ˜…), how sweet, yeah? Just saying thanks to all the page viewers and readers! Thanks, guys! πŸ’• 

thank you, guys! πŸ’‹

August is almost over and has August been good? Kinda - yeah. I am still on the sidelines - my ankle sprain isn't fully healed yet and it's been 2 months. How sad is that? Very heartbreaking. πŸ’” But I know God has a purpose with all the things that's been going on. I've been home most of the time, which is not so me because am always out. Also spent time at Marco's place to have some quality time with my godson, X and have an essential talk to Dyj. πŸ‘Œ

Badminton tournament in the office is happening September 4th, and yes, I already declined. I don't want to risk the chance of the sprain getting worst, it's already on it's healing stage! So, am being good to myself. Haha. Being good to yourself is a good thing! A friend said that taking care of yourself is a training too (hi, Jong. Swimming lessons with you soon!) πŸ˜†

I had a week of Facebook Detox too. Good stuff. I had a good sleep for a week and no paranoia or anything. I've been kinda depressed if you may call it, during that time. Felt so ugly, really. Thank goodness, deactivating your Facebook somehow, makes you realize who are the people who will extend all means to check on you. I may have a few, but they are the ones worth keeping. [Hey, Cheesy. I know you're not reading my blogs but thanks for telling me that I still look good even am so Panget, which ironically, your pet name for me. Talking and spending time with you always feel good.] πŸ‘« Spent one weekend with Ean's family too. Ry is so cute and super kwentuhan with his Mom is such a joy. Sarap ng kwentuhan e. Well, Ean, as always, slept the whole time. Tsk. πŸ˜”

Dropped by at Smashville to finally see my Barbies and of course to have some lumpiang togue. Ang sarap talaga! πŸ˜‹

Patty Patty! 😍

August has been the final stretch of the unending challenges my family's been going through. But guess what, God is never advanced, never late - just always on time. Di ba, Tibz? We're on this together and few of our genuine friends. God is always good. Love you always, Tibz! And to our friends, you know who you are! We will always be forever grateful. πŸ’‹πŸ’–

Am excited for the Christmas months! Few days to go! Fresh start! Am excited to travel again, play badminton, climb the mountains, swim, be back on track and to spend quality time with the people who matters the most, and maybe know new folks. 😏

Always remember that tomorrow is always a second chance for anything. πŸ˜‰

speak from the heart,
pong πŸ’™πŸ’

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Grateful Heart πŸ’“

Hi! πŸ’‹

Heard Mass today. Alone. These past few days have been a roller coaster. Maybe because I haven't been attending Mass for a few weeks now. God already tapped me. It's true, only God is our refuge. You can talk to all your friends, to all the people you know, get drunk, be unproductive, be all the negative energy you could be, be busy as a bee but at the end of the day, you will still feel the same. But with God, it's different, you will always feel loved and at home - anytime. All you have to do is to talk to him. Am thankful to my friends who have witnessed how weak I am and still loves me for who I am. No words spoken, but they just know. πŸ˜‘

All am praying for is for me to be a good person. To be kind. To be humble. To be a better version of me. To love myself more and to forgive myself too. It's difficult to fight one's self. It's not always your fault. Don't be too hard, girl. Remember that. We cannot control other's actions and reactions, but ours', we could. Perspective. That's the key. πŸ”‘

Just let love, humility, wisdom and kindness lead the path. That's genuine happiness. God speed and be grateful. πŸ’

speak from the heart πŸ’™
pong xx 🐒

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Keep going πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

Good morning from Manila!

It's just one of those days that I feel like writing. I'll just make this short and sweet.

So what's been up lately? If I recall it correctly - let me just check instead. lol. This blog is similar to my posts last April 24 and June 14. It's now July - the 3rd quarter of the year! So is it time? Resilient folks know when to let go, right? Ganun na lang yun. Ganun kasi talaga ako e. If you let me feel that somehow, you care, you think of me, you exert a bit of an effort and spend some time to talk to me,  I get used to the idea e. It becomes routinary for me. By routinary - I could mean two things - it gets boring as time passes or it gets interesting, exciting or worst - I would think that we're really close in the sense that if I don't hear from you, I'll get lost. Trapped! Sometimes, I tend to overthink. Have I done or said something wrong? Did I offend you? Or are you just too busy to talk to me? Or maybe, you found another someone that you can be comfortable with. See, this is me talking to myself and overthinking. This phase is not new to me. It happens almost every time somebody gets too close to me. So, dapat mas kaya na di ba? At first, I'd definitely try to reach out, especially if the person is really special. But if my efforts were in vain, I tend to give up just like that. Di ko alam e, hindi talaga ko mapilit. Pag ayaw, wag. Sakit ko na siguro yan. Mababaliw ako, yes. Pero wala e. Kaya, lakad lang, keep going. Wag hinhinto. Pasasaan ba, makakarating ka din sa finish line, sa summit. Then you'll realize, kung bakit sya dumaan sa buhay mo. Anong meron? I have been praying so hard. Siguro, ito na yung sagot sa prayers ko. Praying does not mean naman that you will get what you want, instead God will give you what's best for you. Hirap. Pero si God bahala. Ito muna. Need to work e. Hehe.

Speak from the πŸ’™,

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Random - The Second. The Last. The Latter. ☁

Hello! 😍

Good morning from Manila, everyone! I have been to two trips recently and I have not shared these amazing spots yet (Antipolo, Rizal and Puerto Galera). Been busy with work and I have been spending quality time with a friend who is in vacation for the whole month. I have skipped badminton two weeks in a row now (I miss my Smashville Barbies - huhu), no jogging (but I swim 🏊 ) and I have been pigging out - shame. 🐷

I just feel writing at this very moment - just random morning thoughts after 2 meetings since 4:30AM. Work has been pretty tough lately but today is just so-so. I guess it's just too little time, so much to do. (Thanks, Arkarna) Haha. Feels good to be alive, yeah?

So what's been happening? The NBA Finals has finally concluded and it was The Golden State Warriors who emerged victorious. Congratulations, Steph Curry and the gang. I mean how could you not love Steph, right? Such an amazing guy! Though, I can't still move on from the fact that my Spurs lost in the semis against them. πŸ€

Tennis has been a heartache too - the Bae Andy Murray lost in an anxiety attack semi-final match against Stan Wawrinka. Same goes for Martina Hingis. But it is what it is. We just have to keep moving forward. 🎾

It has been months of unending mixed signals stories which drives me nuts and my friends crazy. Until when? I dunno. Can be today, tomorrow, maybe never. We just need to decide and choose. Again, feels good to be alive, yes? My "K Levels" has been fluctuating dramatically. Send me a PM if you want to know the meaning of that. LOL. My friends really know me that well and they have the guts to tell me that - no filter. Just love 'em.

Anyway, subject line - The Second. The Last. The Latter is so random. I just feel that it suits this article simply because it's "random". Was just in FB Messenger with Coachee and that came out - his OOTD. Haha! Good morning! ☀

Always remember to speak from the πŸ’™.
- pong 🐒

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left - baby steph; right - coachee
photo credits: Aldous Jimenez

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Resilient P πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸ»

Hi! πŸ˜‰

Resilient is a word that was often used by a former colleague to describe me or let's just say, he wants me to be. Back in the day, when everything else seems to be so vague and broken, to be resilient is the only choice and it's true.

It took a lot of 9AM coffee breaks (well, hot chocolate for me), shanghai lunches at Ate Cora's (God, I miss that), 3PM pantry times and never ending conversations just to keep up. Whatever that experience was, truly, it made me the strong person I am now.

But I guess, sometimes, no matter how resilient you think you are, there will be moments that you just want to sit down and look back why things happen and why things happened. Maybe, you already knew that it's bound to happen, you just shrug it off because you're blinded by the temporary happiness it brings.

Resilient people often falls short too. They cry because they're human. They get hurt because they're human. And as a grown up, I would say, it's okay. Choices we make - as long as we're happy and not hurting anyone in the process, it's okay. But also, resilient folks know when it's time to let go..

You got this, Pong. 🐒

PS It just took me a few minutes to finish this. Remember, it's always easy if you speak from the heart. Good night. πŸ’™

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there's God's promise - rainbow after the rain

Monday, December 5, 2016

Pong Thoughts: And am back!

Hello! I am back to writing and I am happy. πŸ˜ƒ

Last Saturday (12.3), I was just sitting in the office, at my desk, and realized that something's missing - something that will make me feel alive again. This is traveling (was just out of town last Thanksgiving weekend - yay!) - I love going places and being one with nature. Mountain climbing, surfing, swimming are some of the few stuff I love. Oh, and am fond of turtles too. I am a frustrated photographer too. If I could be a PA in a travel show like Byahe Ni Drew - PWEDE! Haha! Oh well, this is the sneak peek of my crazy and payak (simple) life. I'll share my random thoughts, my getaways, my photos and kahit ano pa. 

I am livin' the life - thank you Lord for the opportunity!

YOLO! Life is too short, make the most out of it and be merry! Totoo di ba? But let's not make it shorter, sabi nga sa bundok which could be applied to anything - Safety First! 


- Pong
#pongtravels #tortoiseadventures #pongtograpiya

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