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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pong Thoughts: Changing Partners Movie Review 👫

Hello! First blog for February! 💕

The first time I saw the trailer of this movie, I knew I had to watch it. And it didn't disappoint. Apparently, it was originally a stage play/musical then the people behind it decided to have the movie version of it. 

Will make this review short and sweet. The actors were amazing. They gave justice to their roles. Hands up! 👐

photo from SineHub's Facebook Page

At first, I thought the movie is all about changing partners, literally. Same sex relationship then to the usual boy-girl relationship and vice versa. No, it was not. I was a bit frustrated in the middle of watching and I badly wanted to find out what's the ending of the movie for me to understand who were the real partners.

Well, then, I realized that the movie is a simple representation of the relationship types that our society has. It also tells us that in love, all is fair. That in love, age is just a number, and falling in love with the same sex happens and that there is really love there. However, in all relationships, problems occur. Why? One, it's not all about having a good time, having someone to cook for you, to buy you the good stuff and have sex. It's also understanding each other, constant communication, same wavelength would help, compromise, maybe. Relationship is like a plant, both parties need to water it, nurture it and the couple involved needs to work hard for the relationship to work. Now, if the relationship is just one way street, or one party feels like it, then that's where the trouble begins. No matter how long you guys have been together, in just a snap, a relationship can end. And in any ending, there will always be the bitter one. 😂 Nah, nagmahal lang. 😊

Choosing a partner (when I say partner, I really meant the meaning of the word) is never easy. It takes guts, will power and a lot of adjustment. And it requires two brave souls willing to work hard for the relationship to last. Have you found yours?

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢💙

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Ginebra & 5 blogs delayed 😪

Hello! 👀

Good morning from Manila! Well, my writing soul just arrived and am just welcoming it by publishing a new blog. 

Congrats to #NSD folks, by the way. In our Group Chat yesterday, I think am the only one rooting for Meralco. Haha. Don't get me wrong, am a San Miguel fan. Since SMB lost to Ginebra during the semis, I cannot root for them, lol. I must say, LA Tenorio - you're the man! Ang galing! Ang lakas makagwapo! 😍😍😍

Photo Credits - Various Google Images
Collage made by: Aldous Jimenez (Thanks, Coachee 😘)

What's been up? It's been a busy as a bee October because it's my birth month and some friends are here for a vacation and we're kinda maximizing the time we have. 😉

I have blogs drafted to be posted - 4, well make that 5 including our latest swim trip to Pansol.

My head is a little bit spinning. I arrived home late yesterday and slept late too. Later, I have a tea sesh with a good friend Karen then we're off to meet our PD brothers for Elou's send-off party. I badly need some sleep which I plan to do maybe later when am on my way to Dasma.

It has been a crazy birthday month and I still a few days to celebrate. I almost posted the blog entitled "10 years" a few days back. Crazy funny. Meron pa rin e. This is me talking to myself now. Haha. Pardon me, am sleepy as fvck. Wala lang 'tong post ko. Haha.

That's it. Pancit! Blogging more soon enough! And oh by the way, my Last Night Movie thoughts is now one of my popular blog posts. Maraming maraming salamat sa pagbasa ng mga hanash ko about it!

speak from the heart,
pong 💙🐢

Friday, September 1, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Alta Sportsfest '17 🎾⚽

Hiii! 😏

Sportsfest na! When this was announced, I was excited, of course, because I knew that I will be joining. Untiiill the injury happened. Bummer! 😕

PANGILINAN reprezent numero 9 - please excuse the shadow of my hand
Last year, I was fairly new to the company and I didn't care that much because I had different goals at that time, maybe to get regularized first or so. 

Anyway, so, back in June, I was busy going places, trekking, swimming, jogging because am trying to lose weight and oops how could I forget - badminton. Was kinda successful losing weight but then again, anything too much is not always right. All my activities involve my legs so I need to be extra careful moving forward if I want to use my legs for a loooonger time. 

This year, our company sports fest is happening September 4th. And I will be just a spectator and a supporter which I don't mind but I'd love it more if I'll be playing too. But it is what it is. I find our uniform or our team jersey not so cute at all. Haha. First, it's yellow. Am not a yellow fan! (double meaning ) The combination just svcks. Haha. If I were to choose, my nick name "Pong" should have been written in the back of the shirt, not my last name. Love the #9 though. Tony Parker - my ex. 

Yellow Musang. Hehe. K.

I just want to show you our jersey but am not wearing it. Am not playing anyway. Haha! But I support Yellow Musang all the way! What a name too, right? Peace! ✌  ✌  ✌

speak from the heart,
pong 💙

Monday, August 28, 2017

Pong Thoughts: August is Almost Over! 🙆

Hello hello! 😍

It's been a while and my blog has reached almost 9K views. I haven't posted in a while (in a while twice in one sentence, lol 😅), how sweet, yeah? Just saying thanks to all the page viewers and readers! Thanks, guys! 💕 

thank you, guys! 💋

August is almost over and has August been good? Kinda - yeah. I am still on the sidelines - my ankle sprain isn't fully healed yet and it's been 2 months. How sad is that? Very heartbreaking. 💔 But I know God has a purpose with all the things that's been going on. I've been home most of the time, which is not so me because am always out. Also spent time at Marco's place to have some quality time with my godson, X and have an essential talk to Dyj. 👌

Badminton tournament in the office is happening September 4th, and yes, I already declined. I don't want to risk the chance of the sprain getting worst, it's already on it's healing stage! So, am being good to myself. Haha. Being good to yourself is a good thing! A friend said that taking care of yourself is a training too (hi, Jong. Swimming lessons with you soon!) 😆

I had a week of Facebook Detox too. Good stuff. I had a good sleep for a week and no paranoia or anything. I've been kinda depressed if you may call it, during that time. Felt so ugly, really. Thank goodness, deactivating your Facebook somehow, makes you realize who are the people who will extend all means to check on you. I may have a few, but they are the ones worth keeping. [Hey, Cheesy. I know you're not reading my blogs but thanks for telling me that I still look good even am so Panget, which ironically, your pet name for me. Talking and spending time with you always feel good.] 👫 Spent one weekend with Ean's family too. Ry is so cute and super kwentuhan with his Mom is such a joy. Sarap ng kwentuhan e. Well, Ean, as always, slept the whole time. Tsk. 😔

Dropped by at Smashville to finally see my Barbies and of course to have some lumpiang togue. Ang sarap talaga! 😋

Patty Patty! 😍

August has been the final stretch of the unending challenges my family's been going through. But guess what, God is never advanced, never late - just always on time. Di ba, Tibz? We're on this together and few of our genuine friends. God is always good. Love you always, Tibz! And to our friends, you know who you are! We will always be forever grateful. 💋💖

Am excited for the Christmas months! Few days to go! Fresh start! Am excited to travel again, play badminton, climb the mountains, swim, be back on track and to spend quality time with the people who matters the most, and maybe know new folks. 😏

Always remember that tomorrow is always a second chance for anything. 😉

speak from the heart,
pong 💙🐢

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Kita Kita Movie 🍌❤️👀

Hello hello! 👀😊

Credits to Jayvee Millendez (sobrang thank you!) IG: @dokurorider

Finally, was able to see Kita Kita Movie. Reading the reviews, sabi ko bakit naman ako maiiyak sa movie na 'to e si Empoy effortless. Iba din talaga. Natural na natural. Tawang-tawa ako, lahat ng tao kanina. So sige, go, tuloy lang. Medyo nabagalan pa ko sa pacing pero keri hindi ko na halos napansin.

Wala kang ibang maiisip na maging si Tonyo kundi si Empoy talaga. Magaling si Alex, hindi matatawaran, mata palang akting na, pero si Empoy the Banana ang nagdala e. Haha!

So sa movie, shempre hindi ko ikukwento. Pag labas mo ng sinehan, may mga bagay ka na marerealize e.

1. Ang buhay, talaga nga naman napakaikli. You'll never know kelan ba talaga ang ending. And really, lahat tayo may mission sa buhay. Once tapos na yan, maybe, yun na ang ending. Parang mga bagay at tao sa buhay natin, yung iba dadaan lang.
2. Madalas ang mga bagay at tao who matters, hindi natin napapansin o kung mapansin man natin, mas madalas yung mga pagkukulang nila. Pano pag nawala na sila nang wala ng balikan di ba? Ang lungkot, ang sakit. Kaya babalik tayo sa #1, life is short - live well. Forgive. Love a lot especially sa mga taong malapit sa puso mo.
3. Be happy. Life is simple. Tumulong ka sa kapwa, kumain ka ng cabbage, uminom ka ng beer, gumawa ka ng paper cranes, magpakacorny ka, kahit ano pa yan basta walang sinasagasaang tao, gawin mo. Ang importante masaya ka. #1.
4. Naisip ko din mga nagawa kong mali in the past, alam ko at some point, nasaktan ko mga taong mahal ko at mahal ako - unintentionally, unconsciously, basta nakasakit ako. May mga desisyon kasi tayo bilang tao na hindi maiiwasan talaga e. Humingi ng tawad. Magpatawad. Lahat naman may chance magbago. Maybe, ang mission mo is to be a better version of you, kaya hindi pa ending. Again, #1.
5. Appreciate the littlest things. Yan ang mas nakakapagbigay saya talaga. Best things in life are free di ba? Mga taong mahal mo at mahal ka. #1.

Ending? Ayun iyak-tawa ako sa movie. May tissue naman ako bes. Kung meron gusto manood, pwede ako, I volunteer. Hehe. Salamat sa lahat ng gumawa at bumuo ng pelikula, galing nyo.

Banana + Puso = Happiness

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢💙

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Grateful Heart 💓

Hi! 💋

Heard Mass today. Alone. These past few days have been a roller coaster. Maybe because I haven't been attending Mass for a few weeks now. God already tapped me. It's true, only God is our refuge. You can talk to all your friends, to all the people you know, get drunk, be unproductive, be all the negative energy you could be, be busy as a bee but at the end of the day, you will still feel the same. But with God, it's different, you will always feel loved and at home - anytime. All you have to do is to talk to him. Am thankful to my friends who have witnessed how weak I am and still loves me for who I am. No words spoken, but they just know. 😑

All am praying for is for me to be a good person. To be kind. To be humble. To be a better version of me. To love myself more and to forgive myself too. It's difficult to fight one's self. It's not always your fault. Don't be too hard, girl. Remember that. We cannot control other's actions and reactions, but ours', we could. Perspective. That's the key. 🔑

Just let love, humility, wisdom and kindness lead the path. That's genuine happiness. God speed and be grateful. 💝

speak from the heart 💙
pong xx 🐢

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Keep going 🏃🏃🏃

Good morning from Manila!

It's just one of those days that I feel like writing. I'll just make this short and sweet.

So what's been up lately? If I recall it correctly - let me just check instead. lol. This blog is similar to my posts last April 24 and June 14. It's now July - the 3rd quarter of the year! So is it time? Resilient folks know when to let go, right? Ganun na lang yun. Ganun kasi talaga ako e. If you let me feel that somehow, you care, you think of me, you exert a bit of an effort and spend some time to talk to me,  I get used to the idea e. It becomes routinary for me. By routinary - I could mean two things - it gets boring as time passes or it gets interesting, exciting or worst - I would think that we're really close in the sense that if I don't hear from you, I'll get lost. Trapped! Sometimes, I tend to overthink. Have I done or said something wrong? Did I offend you? Or are you just too busy to talk to me? Or maybe, you found another someone that you can be comfortable with. See, this is me talking to myself and overthinking. This phase is not new to me. It happens almost every time somebody gets too close to me. So, dapat mas kaya na di ba? At first, I'd definitely try to reach out, especially if the person is really special. But if my efforts were in vain, I tend to give up just like that. Di ko alam e, hindi talaga ko mapilit. Pag ayaw, wag. Sakit ko na siguro yan. Mababaliw ako, yes. Pero wala e. Kaya, lakad lang, keep going. Wag hinhinto. Pasasaan ba, makakarating ka din sa finish line, sa summit. Then you'll realize, kung bakit sya dumaan sa buhay mo. Anong meron? I have been praying so hard. Siguro, ito na yung sagot sa prayers ko. Praying does not mean naman that you will get what you want, instead God will give you what's best for you. Hirap. Pero si God bahala. Ito muna. Need to work e. Hehe.

Speak from the 💙,

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Random - The Second. The Last. The Latter. ☁

Hello! 😍

Good morning from Manila, everyone! I have been to two trips recently and I have not shared these amazing spots yet (Antipolo, Rizal and Puerto Galera). Been busy with work and I have been spending quality time with a friend who is in vacation for the whole month. I have skipped badminton two weeks in a row now (I miss my Smashville Barbies - huhu), no jogging (but I swim 🏊 ) and I have been pigging out - shame. 🐷

I just feel writing at this very moment - just random morning thoughts after 2 meetings since 4:30AM. Work has been pretty tough lately but today is just so-so. I guess it's just too little time, so much to do. (Thanks, Arkarna) Haha. Feels good to be alive, yeah?

So what's been happening? The NBA Finals has finally concluded and it was The Golden State Warriors who emerged victorious. Congratulations, Steph Curry and the gang. I mean how could you not love Steph, right? Such an amazing guy! Though, I can't still move on from the fact that my Spurs lost in the semis against them. 🏀

Tennis has been a heartache too - the Bae Andy Murray lost in an anxiety attack semi-final match against Stan Wawrinka. Same goes for Martina Hingis. But it is what it is. We just have to keep moving forward. 🎾

It has been months of unending mixed signals stories which drives me nuts and my friends crazy. Until when? I dunno. Can be today, tomorrow, maybe never. We just need to decide and choose. Again, feels good to be alive, yes? My "K Levels" has been fluctuating dramatically. Send me a PM if you want to know the meaning of that. LOL. My friends really know me that well and they have the guts to tell me that - no filter. Just love 'em.

Anyway, subject line - The Second. The Last. The Latter is so random. I just feel that it suits this article simply because it's "random". Was just in FB Messenger with Coachee and that came out - his OOTD. Haha! Good morning! ☀

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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left - baby steph; right - coachee
photo credits: Aldous Jimenez

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pong the Fan: The Moffatts

Hello! 😗

After 16 years, The Moffatts are back in Manila! I couldn't believe that after a long time, I would be able to see them in flesh and sing their songs with all my heart and lungs (wtf?!) LOL. 😘 

Seriously though, I found the fan in me inside The Araneta Coliseum the night of February 18. Highschool memories, the songs, the cassette tapes, the CDs, their songs when they were young, the wallet sized photos, magazines, song hits, etc. - everything seems like yesterday. Sarap balikan! Iba talaga ang 90's. Simply the best! 

We could not get enough of them and all the Moffattians who were there can attest to that. Naniniwala na ko - there are things that are worth the wait! (Hugot, Bes 😎) They would have been complete if Dave was there too. But it is what it is. They still got it! Pure talent. The ever supportive Papa Moffatt was there - he sang and danced to country music too. He was the front act - haha. Too cute. 

Thanks to Duke (Kathy) for the VVIP tix. Panalo. It includes sound check experience and meet and greet with the boys. Grabe lang. Lahat may kanya-kanyang kwento about the experience - fan na fan ang peg! Kilig to the bones, ganon! Haha! Well, mine was si Scott nakaakbay sa bewang ko pero ung mga nauna hindi sya umakbay kasi parang pagod na, tapos sabi ko "please say hi to Dave for us" then Clint held my hand and he said enjoy. Mga ganon! Haha! And lahat don happy for each other. Hehe. Until now, I can still hear my heart screaming! And the memories of that night - now a history, will always be one of the highlights of my fangirl-ing. It was truly a teenage dream come true. I LOVE THE MOFFATTS!!!!! NAKAKALOKA!!! 💕😍😘

(thank you, Lord! 🙏)

- pong 🐢

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Credits to Midas Promotions

Credits to Midas Promotions - That's Duke

Credits to Kathy - Bob

Credits to Kathy - Clint

Credits to Kathy - Scott

Credits to Kathy - Scott_Clint

Credits to Kathy - Scott, Bob & Clint (Endless Summer)

Credits to Kathy - FB Live

Credits to Kathy - Devant

Credits to Kathy - w Me

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Heart's Day '17 ♥

Hello! Good arvo! ☺

Happy Heart's Day, everyone! So what does this Valentine's really means? Wiki says: It's also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine and is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14.

Well, as far as I know, back when I was a kid, my paternal Grandparents celebrate this day as their Wedding Anniversary. How sweet, yeah? ♥ May forever.

People celebrate this day differently. Some spend it at work - like I did, some with special someones, some with friends, some with family, etc. After work, I spent it with my family at home. I bought a little something for them - Moms, Pops and Tibz. Pa-sweet. ♥ 

At work, when I arrived are some cupcakes, magnets, chocolates, doughnuts on my desk. How sweet this day was - literally. ☺

Photograph song by Ed Sheeran made my day! Umaga pa lang e. Haha! "Loving can hurt.." Haha! Good job, Coachee! Kinilig ako e. Haha! Thank you! 😍😍😍

Happy Heart's Day, y'all! I wish everybody finds the love of their lives - coming from me?! WTF. Good vibes lang. ♥♥

Happy ♥s - Rocky, DR, Rai and Ton! ✝

- pong 🐢

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