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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Pong Thoughts: Random na Random 💫💭

Hello! How’s it going? Was so pre-occupied again but I told myself that I will make time doing the things I love. And just in time, my writing soul arrived.

So what is this random post truly about? I miss the beach. I need a break from the city, I guess. Just a breather. Am dreaming about Elyu. The sound of the waves, so relaxing. I was there in 2015 and it was a blast. We had a good time – me and some friends. Troublemakers is what we called ourselves, all smiles every time I remember all the things we did there. Good times!

It been a really hot summer! Super! I mean, I love the summer season, but as the Kamikazee song goes “shet sobrang inet, abot singet”. Am thinking of going to Baguio, too. Sagada is a bit far so I guess Baguio would suffice. Elyu-Baguio trip, no?

Yesterday, I was able to spend some time with Ean’s fam at The Shang. It was a rough day and I needed to get some good vibes from the kids and to really vent out. Spent an hour at JCo alone, too. Did help, but now, I am so sleepy. I need to go home early later and get a lot of sleep. Zzzzz

Rocky’s inurnment is happening on the 29th. It’s been 9 years since he passed. Soon, it would’ve been his 32nd birthday, too. Sometimes, I still wonder what it’ll be like if he is still here. Miss you, Rock!

Just an insertion - there's always better way to communicate matters. And unfortunately, not everyone is capable of doing so. #FACTS

It’s been a month since I joined a team of passionate young professionals and a team so generous of knowledge, there’s nothing else you’d feel but welcomed. Support has been overwhelming, too. You know the saying that if it does not feed your soul, then you should let go. Indeed, it is true. We should let go of something so heavy so we can move on smoothly. Sometimes, it is the only way, you know. Good byes are never easy but is indeed necessary.

I am to publish our Sagada-Buscalan trip as I plan to be back there soon and I need to post it before heading back. It has been long overdue. It is one of my favorite trips of my existence. Definitely worth a page on my site. Hi, Tec & Tong!

Silver lining is real. You know fate always has its own ways we will never know. Thankfully, I am surrounded by a few amazing people which is more than enough. 

→ Sagada-Buscalan trip up next!

Speak from the heart,

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Pong Thoughts: Exes Baggage Movie Review 🙅

Hello! Mabuhay! Finally, a new post! Exes Baggage Movie Review. So, ano namang kayang hanash ko dito?! 😉

photo credits: black_sheepph IG Exes Baggage

This post, obviously, is about the movie Exes Baggage. Actors are Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban. Mga batang 90s, relate na relate sa #Cargel. Di ba? Aminin! This is going to be in TagLish (Tagalog and English). This is a chill review. Let's start?!

First, I thought maiiyak talaga ko sa movie. I have my tissue ready na nga. Ito naman si Kuya sa harapan namin, sabi nya "Miss, wag mo sipain ung likod ng upuan!" Badtrip sya e. Sabi ko, "Ay hindi po ako yun, excuse me." So, sabi ko sa sarili ko isang saway pa nito, papatulan ko 'to, start na yung movie panira. Haha. So, mabalik tayo, so hindi ako naiyak, matured. Hindi lang naiyak, sign na ng maturity? Haha. No, I guess, steady na ang heart ko ngayon kaya ganon. Good sign. Pwede na ulit. Haha!  

So, just so you know, while typing, am listening to Maybe The Night - OST ng movie. Sobrang chill ng song. Ang sarap pakinggan habang nasa beach ka with your special someone tapos may beer. Sarap din talaga magmahal, no? Haaay. Haha. 

Ito na nga, what are my thoughts? (ang dami ko na sinabi, di ba? wala pa pala, haha)

  1. Never enter a relationship just because. Loneliness is not a reason, never a reason, kahit kasi sabihin mong hindi mo sinasadya na gawing rebound yung new person sa life mo, babagsak at babagsak dun e. Dapat napatawad mo, una, yung sarili mo, and pangalawa, ung naging karelasyon mo para buong buo ka. Ready ka na. Steady, chill. Para mas masaya. 
  2. When you love someone, you are also giving that person the opportunity to hurt you. Wala e, ganun talaga. Kasama un. Pero kahit gano kasakit, dapat hindi tayo magsawang magmahal. Ang sarap kaya. Lahat naman kasi may katapusan, pati pain. 
  3. Nagmahal ng sobra, kaya masakit din talaga. Pero, sugal lang. Ganyan naman talaga ang buhay, we'll never know unless we give it a try, right? Sa Lotto nga super liit ng probability na manalo, pero walang sawa sa pagtaya. Try din natin sumugal sa pag-ibig, pwede din naman. 
  4. Love is the act of an endless forgiveness. Love may come in different levels pero grabe lang. 
  5. Love always gives us hope. Hindi ito ung mga paasa, okay? Iba yun. Haha. 
  6. When you love someone, give it your all. Bakit pa magmamahal kung kulang din naman, wag na. What's stopping you? Kaya nga dapat buo. Mahirap masaktan, kaya wag tayo manakit, okay? Refer to #1. Haha. 
  7. Last, siguro no matter how long it takes, nagkaron kayo ng ibang karelasyon, if kayo talaga, kayo e. Fate will always find its magic. Lahat kasi may reason, lahat ng nakikilala natin may role para ma-mold tayo to the person na we need to be for our future selves and for our future better halves, maybe. (parang nagandahan ako sa sinabi ko na 'to - mature, haha)
  8. So, I said last, but I lied. Chance. Bigay natin 'to sa mga taong maayos naman na gustong pumasok sa life natin. Wala namang mawawala. Lahat naman nagbabago. 😊

Pinipilit ko talaga ung maturity e no? Bottom line, love love lang. It's the greatest feeling ever! There will always be this one person na will help you recover. Will make you feel whole again, will fix the broken pieces, ganon. 

Favorite line ko? "Sayo na ko e" - Nix to Pia (weakness ko talaga 'to kahit sa totoong buhay, haha)
"Paulit-ulit kong isusugal yung puso ko maramdaman ko lang ulit kung anong meron tayo dati" - Nix to Pia

Tapos ang ganda pa ng boses ni Carlo Aquino. Patay na talaga. Haha! 

Thanks for reading mga besh! 💕

Watch na ng Exes Baggage! Lemme know! 
speak from the heart, 
pong 🐢💙

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Pong Thoughts: Thought Catalog Article 💭

Hi Everyone! 😊

It's August! I just noticed that since 2014, July-August has been quite of a challenge for me. Was wondering why, actually. Or prolly it's just a plain coincidence. I don't know.

This year, it happened again. I came across this Thought Catalog article that really hit me. I have always believed that 2018 is an amazing year for me, don't get me wrong, it still is. It has brought me surprises (good + not so good) and am loving every second of it. Am always grateful.