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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Pong Thoughts: Happy New Year! It's 2018! 🎉🎆

Hey hey hey! It's 2018! Happy New Year!!

How did your Holiday season go? Well, me just had a couple of days off, still had to work and attend to some year-end office stuff, so it was a bit busy, but the year ended on a happy note! 😉

2017 was a good year, I must say. There were ups and downs but overall, it's still a great year. Am thankful to everyone who've been part of my 2017. ♥

Let's do a simple recap of my 2017. I hope I can do this right and I won't forget anything.

Well, I almost lost my iPhone. It almost gave up on me. I lost the photos, contacts and everything on it as I had it reformatted. I want to buy a new one but bloody Apple, it is so damn expensive.

Lobo, Batangas. Finally, another tick off my bucket list. Suprisingly, my blog about this trip is one of the popular posts on my site (check: Lobo, Batangas). Super budgeted. Sulit!

2017 - the year I decided to get fit and be active again. Joined the Smashville squad, trekked Mt. Batulao. Joined a Fun Run held in Cavite. Did some swimming - beach and pool.

Being active has a catch, was injured last June 17th. I was sidelined for 6 months. I guess, it's life's way of saying that I need to slow down. So I did. I learned a lot during this stint though. I get to spend time with people whom I seldom hang out with. And yes, how could I forget, am back to writing again. ❤

Went back to Puerto Galera. Another tick off my bucket list: was able to swim with the whalesharks in Oslob, Cebu. It was surreal. No canyoneering though as am still injured that time.

Have experienced blogging and pongtograpiya perks - Diving Specials recognized my whaleshark photo and sent me the buddy watcher. And being invited in a festival is just an unforgettable experience. Met Simon Enciso. The Moffatts. Lots of people who are yeah, part of who I have become. Lost a good brother from another mother, Ton. God, I miss you, Ton. I wish I could just hug you and tell you lots of stories. All the people who've been part of my blog are pretty special too. You know who you are. ❤

December is simply an amazing month - I get to play badminton again!!!! After 6 months,  I just missed the game and the people so much.

That's Andrew, right there

My team has been great too. We had challenges, but we're able to recover. We had our Team Pong shirt and I love it!

just some of my team

My highschool friends - last year, we're only 4, now we're 5. Thanks for just simply being there. Jason Landas is the man. Haha! Good times.

love these girls

But Andrew - I must give this month to you. I never thought we could get along very well. Am happy just by seeing you and just by talking to you. I guess, new folks always bring something fresh, yes? More than your endless hanash and your pretty face, thank you. 😍


To more adventures and hanash this year! 🍻

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢💙

PS my writing soul is a bit off today. I did something that will fire back at me anytime soon, but I still opted to post this. This post should have been way better. Please forgive me. Good night.