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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pong the Fan: The Moffatts

Hello! 😗

After 16 years, The Moffatts are back in Manila! I couldn't believe that after a long time, I would be able to see them in flesh and sing their songs with all my heart and lungs (wtf?!) LOL. 😘 

Seriously though, I found the fan in me inside The Araneta Coliseum the night of February 18. Highschool memories, the songs, the cassette tapes, the CDs, their songs when they were young, the wallet sized photos, magazines, song hits, etc. - everything seems like yesterday. Sarap balikan! Iba talaga ang 90's. Simply the best! 

We could not get enough of them and all the Moffattians who were there can attest to that. Naniniwala na ko - there are things that are worth the wait! (Hugot, Bes 😎) They would have been complete if Dave was there too. But it is what it is. They still got it! Pure talent. The ever supportive Papa Moffatt was there - he sang and danced to country music too. He was the front act - haha. Too cute. 

Thanks to Duke (Kathy) for the VVIP tix. Panalo. It includes sound check experience and meet and greet with the boys. Grabe lang. Lahat may kanya-kanyang kwento about the experience - fan na fan ang peg! Kilig to the bones, ganon! Haha! Well, mine was si Scott nakaakbay sa bewang ko pero ung mga nauna hindi sya umakbay kasi parang pagod na, tapos sabi ko "please say hi to Dave for us" then Clint held my hand and he said enjoy. Mga ganon! Haha! And lahat don happy for each other. Hehe. Until now, I can still hear my heart screaming! And the memories of that night - now a history, will always be one of the highlights of my fangirl-ing. It was truly a teenage dream come true. I LOVE THE MOFFATTS!!!!! NAKAKALOKA!!! 💕😍😘

(thank you, Lord! 🙏)

- pong 🐢

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