Monday, May 28, 2018

Pong Thoughts: Re-evaluating Goals 🏆

Hello! ❤

Mt. Maculot, December 2007 - just me and my RH sa Summit. Hehe. 

So, what's up mga pipol? Finally, I have found the time to write again. I have 7 drafts waiting to be published and this is one of them. This is going to be in Taglish (Tagalog-English). 😀

Re-evaluating goals. 2018, so far, has been a very much filled year for me - both personally and professionally. I am truly grateful. Parang I couldn't ask for more feels, ganon. January pa lang, I know 2018 is going to be different. Mindset lang talaga and change has to come from within. I can say that somehow, I've grown (dapat lang di ba? ang tanda ko na! Haha), I've matured (konti lang naman, hehe). But what prompted me to start re-evaluating my goals? Ano nga ba? 

Since I came back from the US, and from all the stuff that I learned from being by myself for 5 weeks, things have changed. For the better naman, I guess. Natuto ko how to be thrifty, eat leftovers, maglaba, to let go, to be more adventurous and to love myself more. Cheret! Alam mo un, I moisturize, drink Vitamins, drink Lemon Water, use lemon and baking soda for beauty regimen. Simple things.      

I also knew what my goal is - to finish my Green Belt Training, pass the examination and finish my project by December - two down, one more to go. Sana matapos ko, on time. Or namin, should I say. I have core team members. 😂 

But it was a different situation (+ a different me) when I came back. Work is still the same (not so, actually), may dagdag lang because of the project which I am totally fine with. There was a change that let me realize things. Things that I was reminded beforehand. Totoo pala. I really need to experience it myself para ma-gets ko. Just lost perspective in the sense that First Quarter of 2016 came back. Walang wala ako ngayong May. As in. This is very unusual na saken, maybe because back then I have a friend (hi, Jorgeena Dude) to vent out with. And he knows the real situation.  

Now, am asking myself, is the stress worth it, kasi sayang e. And since this is public, my friends would prolly know what am talking about, ung iba, they will just jump into conclusions w their not so smart assumptions. So enjoy! Haha. 

Siguro to answer my question, I know that, what I really need and want is learning. Ang sarap kaya matuto everyday. And a good stress. 😉    

We always have a choice, you know! 

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢💙