Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pong Thoughts: Changing Partners Movie Review 👫

Hello! First blog for February! 💕

The first time I saw the trailer of this movie, I knew I had to watch it. And it didn't disappoint. Apparently, it was originally a stage play/musical then the people behind it decided to have the movie version of it. 

Will make this review short and sweet. The actors were amazing. They gave justice to their roles. Hands up! 👐

photo from SineHub's Facebook Page

At first, I thought the movie is all about changing partners, literally. Same sex relationship then to the usual boy-girl relationship and vice versa. No, it was not. I was a bit frustrated in the middle of watching and I badly wanted to find out what's the ending of the movie for me to understand who were the real partners.

Well, then, I realized that the movie is a simple representation of the relationship types that our society has. It also tells us that in love, all is fair. That in love, age is just a number, and falling in love with the same sex happens and that there is really love there. However, in all relationships, problems occur. Why? One, it's not all about having a good time, having someone to cook for you, to buy you the good stuff and have sex. It's also understanding each other, constant communication, same wavelength would help, compromise, maybe. Relationship is like a plant, both parties need to water it, nurture it and the couple involved needs to work hard for the relationship to work. Now, if the relationship is just one way street, or one party feels like it, then that's where the trouble begins. No matter how long you guys have been together, in just a snap, a relationship can end. And in any ending, there will always be the bitter one. 😂 Nah, nagmahal lang. 😊

Choosing a partner (when I say partner, I really meant the meaning of the word) is never easy. It takes guts, will power and a lot of adjustment. And it requires two brave souls willing to work hard for the relationship to last. Have you found yours?

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢💙