Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Finally Found (someone)?! 🎉

Hello! 👀

Finally found (someone, chos!) time to write before the year ends. 4 days to go and we are going to welcome a new year. How exciting, right? A new beginning is always something to look forward to. Am still yet to finish office stuff - not a lot now, but I still have a few. Should be done, hopefully, by tomorrow. 😊

Christmas has passed and I must say, am really getting a "Tita" now. Titas of Cavite, perhaps. I think of Christmas as a simple gathering of family members at least once a year and the kids mostly enjoy it - which is true. I think I enjoyed Christmas more when my Paternal Grandparents were still here, back when I was kid. Now, every time "ber" months come, and me hearing Christmas songs, it makes me somehow, sad. Maybe because Tatay (my Father's Dad), my walking buddy, passed away December 22, 1992. As a kid and until now, that memory is still fresh and I don't think I'd be able to get over it. Christmas Trees were set aside and we celebrated Christmas with our lifeless Tatay back then. Christmas is totally different now though, I now have my nieces and nephews and they make Christmas lighter and happier. Gotta love kids! ♥

Received lots of goodies from my team, my boss, my family and my friends. How sweet, yeah? Met some of my friends for some catching up which is always a good feeling. And I must say, we've matured. Haha. (Dapat lang, lol)

this one's sweet. pen with my website engraved and Parker for Tony Parker, my ex-hubby. lol. Thanks, BP.  

these ain't all. these are just a few. ❤

This year has been tough - I was injured and was sidelined for 6 months. But the good thing about that - I was able to spend time at home and more time with some people. I missed my Saturday Badminton Session with my Barbies. Missed traveling. Kind of missed a lot, but gained a few too. It's all about perspective, right?

Was able to tick swimming with the whale sharks in Cebu back in September off my bucket list. Met a few bloggers in Bataan and witnessed The Pawikan Festival. And just last week, I was reunited with my Barbies to play Badminton - I was just so happy to be back.

look at these two - andrew and patty. 😍

By now, you realized that the title is just a click bait - lol. But seriously though, I want to think that I found someone, but just recently, I lost that someone just like that. Sad reality. My 2017 Spotify Playlist is almost all about him. Dafuq. Haha. All good now though. Am leaving 2017 behind in a few days.

As a blogger, worldwide, a single post can be read by anyone. I've received compliments, not so good comments, an indecent proposal, love messages and almost everything in between. The people who supported me from Day 1 - you guys are the best! It has been a crazy ride - all of these, I have learned and am grateful. 2018 - let's go!

THANK YOU, all! This is yet another hanash and more to come! ♥

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢💙