Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pong Thoughts: First Invite Everrrr!!!!!! 🐢

Ola!!! ☺

I've been blogging or should I say started blogging again for almost a year now. Last year, I decided to write again and so far, so good. I can finally say that this is something that I really love to do. Passion it is. ♥

Guess what?! I've been invited to the Pawikan Festival! Woohoo! Won't include the content of the whole letter, just the heading and the introduction. Kilig di ba?

Next week, November 25, Pawikan Festival is happening in Morong, Bataan wherein attendees are privileged to witness the laying, hatching and the releasing of the baby turtles to the wild. Amazing, yes? 🐢🐢🐢 

Good thing is that accommodation is free when you get invited and I feel so lucky to be one of the few. Aside from the fact that I am fond of turtles, just the opportunity is indeed a blessing already. First time 'toooooooooo!!!!!!!! Jusko!!! Hahahaha!

Sea turtles' rate of survival when released is so minimal but when they're able to survive, their lives could last up to 100 years. Lots of factors - weather, human intervention, ecosystem and the marine life itself too. But I would say, as humans, let's do our part. Ironically speaking, humans are the greatest threat to our pawikans, but we are the ones who can definitely save and protect them too. Let's love our oceans more - they are beautiful and definitely, we'd love to see the future generation see how beautiful the oceans are.

If you're free, c'mon join us on the 25th and celebrate the annual Pawikan Festival in Bataan! See you there! 🐢☺

PS Feeling ko blogger na talaga ko! Haha!

My action cam, GoPro Hero 5 Black:
My phone, iPhone 5:

speak from the heart,
pong 🐢♥

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