Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Goodbye, iPhone 5! My ultimate Soul Searching PhoneπŸ“΄

Hello! πŸ˜‡

How is everythang? Well, finally, am saying good bye to my iPhone 5 who's been with me for the past three effing years. LOL. This guy witnessed the ups & downs, the changing of access codes, the deletion of pictures and numbers and then putting them back in - it's been crazy! Wala talagang forever. Haha! 

3 years, 3 months (7/14-10/17)

It was July of 2014 when I bought this phone, The reason? I needed a diversion! Ang mahal mag-divert no? It was in MOA and Memo Express offered a decent deal which I can't say no to. I was with my highschool friend, Maye, at that time. We're still both working in Makati, so she picked me up and we went straight to MOA. She bought a laptop, same day. She even met the "diversion" guy! The hell. Sorry, sa makakabasa, for fun na lang. Nakakatawang balikanHaha! 2014 was hell crazy and the early stages of 2015 too. 2016? I can't recall - meaning hindi na tumatak. Haha. 

This phone was with me during my travels too - the time when the so called soul searching happened. Sagada, Palawan, La Union, to name a few. Haha! Good times! Though, I still have a lot of files in this phone, I have to let go. Tried to revive it along with my friends, but to no avail. Will try again in Power Mac Center, but not to retrieve the files anymore, but to make it functional, at least a home phone. πŸ˜‰

Am currently using the ever reliable-3-day-battery-life of my Cloud Lite Phone. Pa-load na kayo! Haha! 

Load, anyone? πŸ˜…

Now, am torn if am to switch to Android (Hey yo, Steph Curry!) but am still madly going gaga over Apple. And I need it for my blogs too. You know, I don't buy a phone just because. Sobrang mahal e, tapos pang poser lang? Haha! Peace! 

On the side note though, ads are back on my site! Love it! Finally, after switching to my own domain! Thanks, Google! 😍

speak from the heart,
pong πŸ’πŸ’™ 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Ginebra & 5 blogs delayed πŸ˜ͺ

Hello! πŸ‘€

Good morning from Manila! Well, my writing soul just arrived and am just welcoming it by publishing a new blog. 

Congrats to #NSD folks, by the way. In our Group Chat yesterday, I think am the only one rooting for Meralco. Haha. Don't get me wrong, am a San Miguel fan. Since SMB lost to Ginebra during the semis, I cannot root for them, lol. I must say, LA Tenorio - you're the man! Ang galing! Ang lakas makagwapo! 😍😍😍

Photo Credits - Various Google Images
Collage made by: Aldous Jimenez (Thanks, Coachee 😘)

What's been up? It's been a busy as a bee October because it's my birth month and some friends are here for a vacation and we're kinda maximizing the time we have. πŸ˜‰

I have blogs drafted to be posted - 4, well make that 5 including our latest swim trip to Pansol.

My head is a little bit spinning. I arrived home late yesterday and slept late too. Later, I have a tea sesh with a good friend Karen then we're off to meet our PD brothers for Elou's send-off party. I badly need some sleep which I plan to do maybe later when am on my way to Dasma.

It has been a crazy birthday month and I still a few days to celebrate. I almost posted the blog entitled "10 years" a few days back. Crazy funny. Meron pa rin e. This is me talking to myself now. Haha. Pardon me, am sleepy as fvck. Wala lang 'tong post ko. Haha.

That's it. Pancit! Blogging more soon enough! And oh by the way, my Last Night Movie thoughts is now one of my popular blog posts. Maraming maraming salamat sa pagbasa ng mga hanash ko about it!

speak from the heart,
pong πŸ’™πŸ’

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Last Night Movie πŸ“Ή

Hello! 😊

Last Sunday, September 30, was my tennis hero, Martina Hingis' birthday. No, no connection about Last Night Movie, but just random thoughts. Happy birthday, Martina! Please play and win forever! lol. 🎾

Last Night Poster
photo credits: Star Cinema

Well, anyway, what's with this movie "Last Night" that caught my attention? At first, I just knew that I definitely want to watch it because it's a Toniolo (Toni Gonzaga - Piolo Pascual) movie. I watched Starting Over Again and I loved it. There were tears. But this time, I am more mature, so my tears went unli with sipon on the side. Haha.

The film is not the usual rom-com, pakilig movie. But c'mon, we can't deny Toniolo's chemistry. Ibang klase din talaga. The movie is somehow, a reality. I can say this maybe because, I have already experienced so many deaths in my life and lahat masakit. Wala namang good bye na masaya, tama? But what am saying is lahat ng mga taong nauna na, they are the ones closest to me, kaya when they've gone, I was lost and until now, I feel that I only have few genuine people left in my life. 

Just some simple take aways from the movie, sobrang sarap mabuhay. Kung pwede nga lang forever na 'to, tama? Pero totoo yan, walang forever. Lifetime, meron. Kaya make the most out of it. Daming magagandang lugar, God made them for us to appreciate and experience life, see his amazing world - kasama tayo dun! Tayo kaya pinakamagandang creation ni God (apir!); while am writing this, some people are fighting for their lives; me, am lucky am still able to write; and you, maraming salamat sa pag-aksaya ng time sa pagbasa ng mga hanash ko (apir!). And, in life, lahat ng tao you will meet along the way, may purpose. Yung iba ang tagal mo nakasama, pero pag nawala, parang wala lang. Yung iba naman 2 weeks, 2 hours mo lang nakilala pero sobrang tatatak talaga. Tapos pag nawala, ang sakit. Yung feeling na parang ang tagal mo na kilala, parang kahapon lang feels, treasure them. Sila talaga ang andyan for you 'til the end. I guess am lucky, I have a few. Quality over quantity 'ika nga. 

Watching the film made me realize a few things which I knew already existed but I guess, the proper way to say it is that, it made me appreciate life (more) in general and to never give up as there's always hope and no matter how difficult life could get, feeling mo dead end na, when you think there's no way out, no, laging merong paraan. It could be so difficult pero kaya. Minsan mabagal ang process, pero kaya pa rin.

Lumabas ako ng sinehan na luhaan, ang sakit kasi. Pero hindi natatapos dun e. Masakit man, positive pa rin ang gustong iparating na message ng Last Night. Masakit kasi, natagpuan mo na, tapos mawawala ulit. Kasi nga may purpose lahat ng tao na dadating sa buhay mo di ba? Kahit one night lang yan, tatatak yan. Kaya treasure the moment/s and live each day as if it's your last. Enjoy lang

Star Cinema - isa na namang magandang pelikula. Sa writers, Neil Arce and Bella Padilla, Bb. Joyce Bernal and shempre sa Toniolo at sa lahat ng bahagi ng movie. Salamat. 

Sarap mabuhay at magmahal! 

speak from the heart,
pong πŸ’πŸ’™