Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pong Travels: Short Whaleshark Clip 🐳🌊


Sharing a very sweet and short clip of my whale shark encounter. Patiently waiting for the gentle fella to arrive and tada! I was not even prepared. lol. More to come! Such a very fine moment. Love it! ðŸ³ðŸŒŠ

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pong Travels: Cebu

Hello-hello! ðŸ‘©

This is my very first video edit! It's a short one. Hehe. More like a teaser to my work-in-progress blog and vlog? 

Please subscribe to YouTube Channel! Thanks! More to come! ðŸ’•

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pong Soundtrip: Stevie Hoang 🎤

Hello! 💆
It's been a sickly (clogged nose) weekend to date - bummer! Am feeling better now though. 👃👊

Just wanted to share the songs that I listen to. I listen to different genres - from punk, reggae, alternative, pop, edm, rnb, soul, love songs etc - I can be as flexible as possible simply because I love music and I love singing too. Today, it's Stevie Hoang's Day. I've been listening to this guy since 2010 - my Verizon and PeopleSupport Days. A colleague introduced his song Addicted to me back then and yeah, I got addicted to it and I loved it and I still do! I'll Be Fine is such a fine song too. Just couple of days ago, I fell in love with Just in Case. ❤

His songs convey almost the same meaning - hope. But who gives up on love, right? One thing's for sure, am a hopeless romantic too. Some people may think that I am strong - yes I am, but those who know me, can attest to it that am such a cry baby too. 

Anyway, I just feel the need to share and I hope you enjoy his songs too! Am listening to him right now while at work. 💕

Check his YouTube Channel:

Image result for stevie hoang
photo not mine - credits to the owner (found in Google)

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Pong Travels: STKD - Cebu 🌊🌴

Hello! 😌

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and am still at work! Bummer! Still have loads to do. (managed to still post a blog though) lol. 👊

Bound for Cebu later around 4P to see the Whale Sharks and the Kawasan Falls. No Canyoning/Canyoneering for me as my ortho is out of the country and poor me, I do not have my clearance yet. It's going to be my second time in Cebu and maybe, next year, I would be able to tick Canyoneering off my bucket list. February? We'll see. Looking forward though. 👀

Right now, I still have 4 on my to-do list, phone is charging, GoPro is charging and am leaving some stuff here in the office to make my pack a bit lighter. 👌

Papa sent me packing earlier - kidding. Thanks sa paghatid, Pa!  ♥

Will blog about it when I get back! #pongtravels #tortoiseadventures #pongtograpiya is back!!! Woohoo!!!

Are you ready to get stoked? Tara! 

my STKD bag

my stuff. ✈

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Quik Pod Go Pro Pole for Lefties

Hello!! 😎

About two weeks ago, I purchased a Quik Pod Sport Pole (click link for my blog post), but had issues with the safety tether (the location of it) as it has to be stretched way too long so the pole and the mount will meet halfway. Had to consult several GoPro users on how to do it, but all responses lead to the same instructions included in the pack.
Sent Quik Pod - PH a message and they said that it's a design flaw and they will raise the concern; hence the video below. I truly appreciate it from them! I love Quik Pod - PH na. Hehe. Am not a lefty, but this definitely helped. ☺

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pong's YouTube: Simon Enciso 🏀

Hi Everyone! 😎

Am trying if I can vlog too, so just testin' my YouTube Page with this video shout out from Simon Enciso of the Alaska Aces. 🏀

Hi Coachee! 😉🍄

Please comment, like, share and subscribe to my channel and my blog page! Yay! 

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Pong Thoughts: QuikPod Sport Camera Pole

Hello-hello! 😌

After contemplating, a lot of Google searching, gathering suggestions and recommendations from my fellow GoPro users, and from a lot of other people, finally, I have found the pole that I want after I had the first pole broken. It's the Quik Pod Sport! Sweet. 👄

At PHP2399, you will get all of these! 

Last Sunday, my sister and I went to Makati to search and check for a pole. We went to Greenbelt, The Landmark, Glorietta and SM. We heard Mass at the The Landmark too. ⛪

Quik Pod Sport is light weight and I just love the rubber grip, perfectly fits my hand. Yay! 😉 And, it has this built-in selfie mirror which is perfect so you can better see if your photo is in the center. And it can be used not only for your GoPro or action camera, but also for your smart phones and other cameras. Sharing some snaps and description of each. Hope this helps! Adventure toime! 😎

Retracted Length: 15.5"
Extended Length: 39"

Built-in Mirror Selfie

Clips for easy retracting pole. Also, there's a push or quick release button for easy changing of mounts - upper left button.

Clockwise: Tether, GoPro Mount, Adapter (on top: Tightening Tool), Smartphone Adapter, Hiking Clip, GoPro Remote Control Strap 

Tilt this part at your convenience when taking photos or videos. 

Safety Tether, you can add a leash too. Better to be safe than sorry, yes? 😉

Carrying Bag

- Load Capacity: 680 grams
- Could be used for: Smartphones, Cameras, Action Cameras
- Waterproof and Impermeable
- Compact, Lighweight
- Fits cameras and camcorders with a standard tripod socket - sweet 😍

For more info -

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Pong Eats: Laurio's Pansit Malabon 🍝

Hello!! 😍

It's Saturday at home because of that effing elevator in the office! Anyway, am into Pancit Malabons (?!) lately and am blogging each pancit am gonna try. Last time, I had Dolora's (see my previous post: Pong Eats: Dolora's Hauz of Pancit Malabon) and now, tadaaa Laurio's. 

Laurio's Pansit Malabon is a typical Pancit Malabon, but is delish and good enough to satisfy your Merienda Cravings. 👌 Serving is just fine though. It's not siksik like the others. Try it out! Rapsa! ðŸ‘Œ
Laurio's! - squid, eggs, shrimp, veggies, pork toppings

Lumpiang Shanghai! Ang sorop!!! Ubos agad!

Laurio's Pansit Malabon is situated here in Cavite. They have 4 branches - Bacoor, Imus and Molino and Addas which happens to be in Bacoor Municipality too. So, to my  fellow  Caviteños, details below if you want to order. 

Thanks, Kuya!

Photo grabbed from Laurio's FB Page. 


Molino Branch - (046) 512 4842 / 0917 721 2744
Imus Branch - 0956 581 4566 / 0999 508 3938
Niog Branch - (046) 417 4660
Addas Branch - (046) 683 7857 / 0928 484 2101

Facebook Page:

Note: Delivery Charge - PHP30 (differs based on your location)

** prices have changed a bit. Just don't have an updated price list, yet. (updated 3.24.2019) Happy eating! 

Next stop: Pastora's in Quinta Market, Quiapo, Manila

Enjoy! 😁

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Alta Sportsfest '17 🎾⚽

Hiii! 😏

Sportsfest na! When this was announced, I was excited, of course, because I knew that I will be joining. Untiiill the injury happened. Bummer! 😕

PANGILINAN reprezent numero 9 - please excuse the shadow of my hand
Last year, I was fairly new to the company and I didn't care that much because I had different goals at that time, maybe to get regularized first or so. 

Anyway, so, back in June, I was busy going places, trekking, swimming, jogging because am trying to lose weight and oops how could I forget - badminton. Was kinda successful losing weight but then again, anything too much is not always right. All my activities involve my legs so I need to be extra careful moving forward if I want to use my legs for a loooonger time. 

This year, our company sports fest is happening September 4th. And I will be just a spectator and a supporter which I don't mind but I'd love it more if I'll be playing too. But it is what it is. I find our uniform or our team jersey not so cute at all. Haha. First, it's yellow. Am not a yellow fan! (double meaning ) The combination just svcks. Haha. If I were to choose, my nick name "Pong" should have been written in the back of the shirt, not my last name. Love the #9 though. Tony Parker - my ex. 

Yellow Musang. Hehe. K.

I just want to show you our jersey but am not wearing it. Am not playing anyway. Haha! But I support Yellow Musang all the way! What a name too, right? Peace! ✌  ✌  ✌

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