Monday, June 26, 2017

Pong Travels: Talipanan, Puerto Galera 🌊

Hiiii! 😙😍😚

Finally, a trip to the beach after 5 months! I told myself that I will never go back to Puerto Galera because of the long boat ride and deep waters of Mindoro. But who am I to say no to beautiful beaches, yes? Initially, the plan was to go to Calaguas but because of the weather, we opted to go to Puerto Galera. 

Puerto Galera is located in Oriental Mindoro and is accessible via Batangas City Port. My first glance of Puerto Galera was way back 2008. We stayed at the White Beach. This time, we chose the tranquil part of Galera - Talipanan. But since, it's my friend, Star's first time, we headed to the White Beach to have lunch and to do some pasalubong shopping before heading home. 

As usual, White Beach is busy. It's like mini-Boracay. Everyone is swimming, doing water sports and activities and party-ing at night; on the other hand, Talipanan is tranquil and serene. So, you choose your beach. Both White Beach and Talipanan Beach is a long stretch of white sand with different resorts to choose from. 

It was my first time in Talipanan. Did some research the same day-down to the last minute booking for a place to stay there. Thankfully, we're able to find one. We stayed at Veronica's Inn. It's like Manila in an island. Condo-type with Infinity pool. 🏊💙

The stay was fine. It's just that during our stay, not all food in the Menu was available. Knowing that the next resort is a bit far, they should have prepared for their guests - they were fully booked at that time. Room's a bit small for 3K/night. Good for 2. And here's the catch, I was taking a shower when the water ran out. It took a while to have it back. I already fell asleep in the bathroom as I was experiencing a terrible hangover. 😓 Water was back after 15 minutes or so with conditioner in my hair and soap all over my body - too bad. 😢 The staff were very accommodating though. Hands-up! 👐 Kayak use is free and you can go kayak-ing to White Beach. Flex 'em muscles! 😎 

1. Ride a Bus (JAM Liner) in Buendia with signage Batangas Pier or Batangas Port. (PHP167)
2. Upon arriving at the port, there will be a lot of fixers, they offer the same price but of course, they have "convenience fee" or yes, tip. You can always go straight to the ticketing booth and buy your tickets. We chose Minolo Shipping Lines . Buy roundtrip tix (RT) and they offer vans to take you to White Beach or Talipanan. (PHP310 - RT Talipanan Fee + 10PHP terminal fee)
3. Upon arriving, there's Environmental Fee of PHP50. 
4. Before heading home, another terminal fee of PHP10 shall be paid before hopping into the boat. (just like # 2)

TRICYCLES can bring you to White Beach (ranges from 100PHP - 150PHP)

Resorts in Talipanan: 

Lucas Miramare - 09164175125; 09177925263
Mountain Beach Resort - 0917-5620842
      Rates: Fan Room 800PHP-1500PHP; AC 2500PHP
Mengie's White San Beach Resort - 0920-4032173
      Rates: Fan Room 700PHP; AC 1500PHP
Bamboo House
     Rates: Fan Room 800PHP; AC 1500PHP
Veronica's Inn - 0936-9491228 (Veronica)/0977-7272014 (Ced)

     Rates: AC 3K (2 pax)

Minolo Shipping Lines: (043) 287-3614

Have some snaps to share! Enjoy! Hope this helps! 👌

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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Strolling around Talipanan shores

Floating Star
Infinity Pool

My favorite char in Veronica's
Playing billiards like a champ

Veronica's Inn

Infinity Pool + Star

I belong - all black
Mad weather


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Travel Essentials 👣✈

Hello! ☺

How's everyone? Summer is almost over but for a "Kaladkarin" like me, summer never ends. ☺ So what am I sharing today? As a traveler, backpacker, aspiring blogger, an adventurer and a frustrated photographer, I will be sharing my travel essentials - the things that's inside my pack every time I go places.

My 35L Sandugo BackPack has been my companion since 2009. And until now, it's still with me - ang tibay! My first trekking sandals was a Tribu one - my buddy for 9 years. It was only when I hiked Mt. Binacayan (2015) in Rizal that it almost gave up on me. Was not able to do a twin hike as I might end up hiking Mt. Pamitinan barefooted. 

Let's start with hiking/climbing. 
- Poncho/Wind breaker/Jacket 
- Buff (a head gear you can wear multiple ways), Cap, Arm Protector
- Headlamp/Torch
- Trail food (Jelly ace, Chocolates) 
- Packed lunch (for day hike) 🍲
- Canned goods, rice (over night)
- 2-3 Liters of water 🚰
- Umbrella/Fan (hehe) ☔

- Utensils (outdoor spoon, fork, knife and plates) 🍴
- Cook set (+Butane)
- Tent 

When going out of town for swimming:
- Swimsuit 🏊👙
- Flip-Flops (Thanks, Havaianas)
- Dry Bag

Be that hiking, swimming or just plain traveling or sight seeing, these are my essentials and the common things I bring in a trip:

- Light clothes (Just bring what you NEED)
- Undies (3 pairs) 👙
- Medicine (Paracetamol, Kremil-S, Allerta) 🏥
- Buff (head gear)
- Tissue (can't live without this!!!! 😀)
- Wet Tissue
- Kikay Kit (toiletries, pampafresh stuff)
- Katinko, Off Lotion, Sunblock 
- Malong
- Camera (I use GoPro Hero 5 Black and my phone - iPhone 5) 📷
- Extra battery 🔋
- Charger 
- Power bank (I use a Solar one - got it from Lazada)
- Chocolates 🍫
- Water 🚰
- Pen and Paper ✎🖇
- Shades 😎
- Speaker 🔊
- ID and Health Card 🆔
- Neck Wallet or Sling bag where you can put your personal stuff (such as IDs, money etc) for easier access. 👌

REMEMBER: Pack light! ✌

Any suggestions for a cheap, pero magandang point and shoot camera? Ping me!

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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Let's go!!!! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pong Thoughts: When life tells you to slow down.. 💭

Hello! 😙

Just two days ago, a life changing (pardon my exaggeration, but it's my first time) incident happened when I was playing one of my favorite sports - Badminton. Badminton has been my Saturday de-stressing activity after work and I started at Smashville - Pasig last March. 

After two weeks of not playing, around 6PM or so, it was my 4th game, 2nd set (we were winning, Mark & I), I accidentally twisted my left ankle. At first, I thought, it's tolerable, but then I found myself sitting in the middle of the court while Mark continued to play for our team. It was painful and I can't even stand. I needed their help to get to the nearest bench on the sides. Immediately, Patty grabbed an ice to help reduce the swelling. Not good. Patty was able to capture pictures which made me smile though - haha. (Ayan e!) I was not able to play anymore afterwards. Was just in the sidelines watching them play. 😯

Was so excited to be back on the courts after two weeks, it was Patty's birthday, should've been a happy Saturday but my ankle had different plans. I guess it's life's way of telling me to slow down a bit. To pause and just appreciate things in a different perspective. It's not the end of the world, hello? Am just not used to being the patient and my busy and active lifestyle to be put on hold for awhile. Am supposed to be in the mountains today!! Huhu. Well, when life tells you to do so, can't do anything about it. Injury is real. Now, I understand how it feels and why some athletes even cry because of injuries especially if it happens while playing. More than the pain, I think it was sadness that I really felt. Found myself sitting in a hospital's wheelchair, being injected a pain killer via IV (sakit, dude!) and the fact that I can't do the things I love for awhile. But then again, there's a reason for everything. It is what it is. 😐

Thanks to Tibzi, Mama, Pa, my Smashville Barbies and to my family and friends who sent their well wishes. You know who you are! Love ko kayo! 💋

And thank you Lord it's nothing serious! No fracture. Yay! But an ortho consult won't hurt. 😀

#GoSpursGo - sorry, I just had to. lol

So, when you experience ankle sprain, here's what you can do:

- ice/cold compress, first 24 hours
- the sprained ankle should be elevated to lessen the swelling (higher than the heart, the better)
- hot compress after 24 hours, or when advised by your physician
- x-ray to check for fracture
- pain killers - as advised by your physician
- limit movement ie walking, running etc.
- do not put on weight on the injured/spained ankle
- because, there will be lesser activities (no work-outs, sports etc), eat healthy na lang
- have enough sleep

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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Skin test (sakit din) + bandage

Di ko sure anong ginagawa namin dito. Haha. 

Thanks, Mark 💞

Sweeling at it's finest with Hematoma and Turmeric Stain on the side

Trying to smile in this not so wanted chair and place. Still, all good! 👆

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pong Give-away: Havaianas E-Vouchers!

Hello everyone! 😍

It's give-away time! This year's Make Your Own Havaianas has been again generous to it's Havaianaticos! 💋 (Thanks, Havaianas - you've been very kind since 2013!)

That is why I am giving away 2 e-vouchers to my blog subscribers as a way of thanking you guys for dropping by and reading all my blah-blahs here. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, lungs and ribs! So kilig when the ads were finally approved and up on my site and the traffic has been amazing! So THANK YOU! 💋

The mechanics are simple: 

  1. Subscribe to my blog - 
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  5. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 8PM Manila Time. 

Shop at and enjoy PHP200 off + free shipping (I will send the voucher code)
Note: Give-away is open internationally but shipping is only available in the Philippines (bawi ako next time)

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Random - The Second. The Last. The Latter. ☁

Hello! 😍

Good morning from Manila, everyone! I have been to two trips recently and I have not shared these amazing spots yet (Antipolo, Rizal and Puerto Galera). Been busy with work and I have been spending quality time with a friend who is in vacation for the whole month. I have skipped badminton two weeks in a row now (I miss my Smashville Barbies - huhu), no jogging (but I swim 🏊 ) and I have been pigging out - shame. 🐷

I just feel writing at this very moment - just random morning thoughts after 2 meetings since 4:30AM. Work has been pretty tough lately but today is just so-so. I guess it's just too little time, so much to do. (Thanks, Arkarna) Haha. Feels good to be alive, yeah?

So what's been happening? The NBA Finals has finally concluded and it was The Golden State Warriors who emerged victorious. Congratulations, Steph Curry and the gang. I mean how could you not love Steph, right? Such an amazing guy! Though, I can't still move on from the fact that my Spurs lost in the semis against them. 🏀

Tennis has been a heartache too - the Bae Andy Murray lost in an anxiety attack semi-final match against Stan Wawrinka. Same goes for Martina Hingis. But it is what it is. We just have to keep moving forward. 🎾

It has been months of unending mixed signals stories which drives me nuts and my friends crazy. Until when? I dunno. Can be today, tomorrow, maybe never. We just need to decide and choose. Again, feels good to be alive, yes? My "K Levels" has been fluctuating dramatically. Send me a PM if you want to know the meaning of that. LOL. My friends really know me that well and they have the guts to tell me that - no filter. Just love 'em.

Anyway, subject line - The Second. The Last. The Latter is so random. I just feel that it suits this article simply because it's "random". Was just in FB Messenger with Coachee and that came out - his OOTD. Haha! Good morning! ☀

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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left - baby steph; right - coachee
photo credits: Aldous Jimenez