Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pong Travels: What's in my Bucketlist? 📓👣

Hello! 😉

Finally, am kind of over the Moffatts fever and was able to write again - LOL.

Last year, was not able to do as much traveling because of certain reasons. Mom had a Total Knee Surgery and of course, it's always Family First. Funds are a bit short so I took a break from my adventurous lifestyle for a while. Got sick as well so I really need to get well in order for me to do the things I love.

The only outing I had last year was the Company Outing in Laguna (June), Zambales last November and Batangas in December. I guess I had 3 staycation/s in Ortigas (where I work too, lol). Still thankful. And December last year, I also chose to be back to writing.

A lot of stuff are still in my bucket list and the list keeps on growing. One by one, I hope to check 'em all - if God allows.

Hopefully, this year, I'll be able to write more about the places I go to, the food trips and the thoughts that I'd like to share.

This year, I hope to take my sister to Enchanted Kingdom and Manila Ocean Park; I've been in these places but my sister has not yet; and to a place that's in my bucket list as well: Corregidor. Please feel free to leave comments if you have suggestions! Thanks in advance! 

Sagada, La Union and Boracay are my happy places to date. Wishing to be back this year as well.

Am back to jogging as am trying to keep myself healthy and fit. Hopefully, I'll visit the mountains soon enough too. Sana mapanindigan ko. Haha!   

Well, here are some of the things that are in my list which I have not done yet which you can try too.

Watch a Movie Alone
Travel Alone
Sky Dive
Ride the PNR
Learn another language
Swim in the Pacific Ocean
Swim with the Whale Sharks
Bunjee Jumping
Go to Siargao, Camiguin, CDO, Coron, Batanes, Maldives, HK Disneyland, Warner Bros. Studios, Calaguas, Camp Netanya, Dumaguete, Apo Island, Cagbalate, Pagbilao, Bahamas

Random places and to do list. I have downloaded the WeWander PH App to mark the places I've been in. I still have a long way to go. I also have my manual map and I use colored pencils to shade the places I've been in. Lovin' life! 

- pong 🐢

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We Wander App Screen Cap

my bucket list notebook saying Hard Work


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pong the Fan: The Moffatts Part II

Hello! 😉

Am soundtrippin' while doing this one. Today is quite a productive day and a happy day! Remember, happiness is a choice! 😉 Okay, cool, too much of my blah-blahs. Let's get started with this one.

So roughly 2 weeks after the Smart Araneta concert, I found myself headed to the beautiful Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas. The moment I was informed that they will be back in Manila for a music video shoot, a friend and I searched and find ways how to get near them. Well, not really me, it's my friend. Haha. So just like a stalker, March 1st was booked and I filed for two half-days at work. Thank God, it was approved. 😉

March 1 came, headed to EDSA Shrine to attend the Ash Wednesday Mass and drop by our house coz I forgot my effing wallet - so wrong. (Thanks, Gibby!) After 2 hours, we arrived at Punta Fuego, such a beautiful place and of course, I love the sunset so I took a shot of it, some selfies on the side, and we lined up for the buffet. God, food was so good. (Thanks, Chef!) 😋

Show started at 8PM with a front act. Front act had 3 songs. Such a talented young girl. 😊 It was a fun show! And this time, I felt that we are really connected and reunited after 16 long years (Yes, I am such a fan! Haha!) Seems like we're literally just enjoying the moment by the pool and by the beach. 3 weeks of travelling is really tiring so their voices have been struggling already but it was still good. It was a short and sweet show. They sang 8 songs, if I reckon that right. I cannot get over from the experience yet and I don't think I would. I just love 'em to bits! Scott's been doing a lot of ad-libs which were way too cute! Have some snaps and videos to share. Enjoy! 💕

PS: I just had to - the girl host was beyond annoying. Punta Fuego is such a beautiful place. They could've invested with a good host. Maybe next time - ☮✌

- pong 🐢

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(Disclaimer: still learning the ropes of video editing, peace y'all)

Buffet with fellow Moffattians

Punta Fuego Sunset