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Monday, November 19, 2018

Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts - Private Pool in Pansol, Laguna

Mabuhay! What is up? How's everyone? It's been ages! Haha. So, last October 20-21, I was in a Private Pool in Pansol, Laguna with some amazing people. I was at the same resort, different villa though, two years ago. Hello, Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts - it's been a while!! ☺

Casa Primera Hot Spring Private Resort Villa 4 - Pansol, Laguna
So, like I said, circa 2016, I was at Casa Primera (Villa 2) with my colleagues. I was the one who inquired and booked Villa 2 for us. In short, organizer. Haha. During that time, I find them different among others. Why? Booking pa lang, alam mong organized na. Same thing when we arrived. They have this check list of stuff they provide their guests which are needed to be returned upon check-out (of course, ☺). And the crew were very attentive and very generous of their service and time. May pa-towel pa sila back then. Nice, right? Parang, ask them, they have it. If not, they will do something to get it for you. ☺

Casa Primera Villa 2 (photo taken 2016)

This time, we spent one night in Villa 4. See, Casa Primera is not your usual Private Resort in Laguna. Why? 

1. It is spacious. When they say that the place is good for 45 pax, 45 pax can really sleep comfortably with beds and all that. Yung iba kasi, let's admit it, beds are not enough. 
2. Aside from the warm water in their pools (water is so clean!!), they have a billiard table, darts, videoke (take note, old to new songs, they have it, umabot tayo kay Shanti Dope. Ganong level cos it's always updated), you can play table tennis, too. 
3. The place is kid friendly, too. Kids have their own spot. How sweet, yes? 
4. The materials used in their beds are not substandard. Hindi tinipid. Their bunk beds do not move at all when the person on top is moving or going down. Importante saken yun. Ayoko maistorbo pag tulog. Haha! 
5. May bidet hose! O di ba Pinoys are bidet-lovers e. Haha. Plus the rainmaker overhead shower pa.
6. They let you bring your stuff so you can cook, no corkage yan. They will let you do what ever you like (wag ka lang manira, bes, bayad ka sige. lol), but of course, in the event you need any assistance, staff are very helpful. 
7. And the price? Reasonable, as I always say. Their tag line "Dito ka na sa sigurado" wouldn't be compromised. It's like your home away from home. Thumbs up. Lakas maka-hotel e.
8. And they have their own drainage system. This is a plus. Nagets ko na 'to nung tumanda ako. Haha. Dati wapakels ako, maka-swim lang. So, sila na talaga e!

I have some snaps to share! Look how beautiful Casa Primera is. The architecture, the design, chos wala ako alam sa ganyan but maganda talaga sya. I hope my pictures will give justice to its design. Haha. You will truly have a good time. Soon to open though, is Casa Tropica. We were privileged enough to see how it's being built and I tell you, it's very promising. Excited to see those as well and share with you! Soon enough. ☺

Here ya go! ☺

Casa Primera Villa 4 

Chillin' - Casa Primera Villa 4

Casa Primera Villa 4 - view from the 2nd floor

Swimming - Casa Primera Villa 4

Casa Primera Villa 4 at night

Casa Primera - Our Room - Super spacious!

Casa Primera - this one is a smaller room

Casa Primera - Your own veranda

Casa Primera's Grand Staircase lol 

Casa Primera's Washroom downstairs

Casa Primera's Washroom downstairs

Casa Primera's Washroom in our room

Kid's will definitely enjoy, too

Billiards, anyone?! 

Casa Primera's Play Area

Table Tennis & Darts

The millennial Videoke Machine - only at Casa Primera

with the Millennial Remote Control, too - only at Casa Primera

Parking area can accommodate 6 cars

The Original Buko Pie! Rapsa!


Daang Pag-ibig St., Nayong Maharlika VIllage, Brgy. Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna 4027 

Private VehicleFrom Manila, head down south via SLEX and take Calamba Exit. Drive straight towards the Calamba town proper junction and turn right. Drive another 8km and when you see the Iglesia ni Cristo church on the left side, turn left on the next street and follow the Casa Primera Laguna Hot Spring Signages.  PS: You can also use the WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS app on your smartphone. Just search for “Casa Primera”

Public BusFrom Manila, take the HM or Greenstar bus, en route to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Their terminals are located at the corners of Buendia & Taft Ave.. These buses will bring you within reach of the resort. Once you reach the National Hwy in Calamba, look for Monte Vista and Southwinds resort on the right then Iglesia ni Cristo church on your left. You can get off the bus and follow the Casa Primera Laguna Hot Spring Signages.



Mobile | Viber | WhatsApp:  09175389849 / 09257983002
Manila Landline: (02) 9983002
Skype Username: casaprimera

speak from the heart, 
pong 🐢💙

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pong Tries Vlogging - Miron Bridge & Fox Cities Trestle - Friendship Trail

Vlogging? This is taken in Menasha, WI. Miron Bridge & Fox Cities Trestle - Friendship Trail. 
I do not have video editing skills. Haha! Just found this on my phone. Originally this is from my GP. So, this is me with Nicole braving the cold. It's -2.2C then. It was still a great experience seeing the river and it's all ice. I remember seeing two guys attempting to do some ice fishing but did not push through. Gosh, I miss WI! Yeah I can say it! Haha. Arte.

So, for the mean time, ito muna. Next time na yung montage and yung brightness man lang sana. Haha! 

Vlogging from the Miron Bridge & Fox Cities Trestle - Friendship Trail

speak from the heart, 
pong 🐢💙

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pong Travels: Mt. Talamitam and Dudong Cove

Hello! Bundok hits muna tayo after magpalamig sa Estados Unidos. Mt. Talamitam! 🐢

[March 31-April 1, 2018]

It was my first summit of 2018! I've been to Mt. Talamitam roughly 10 years ago and the beauty of the mountain still has not changed. This is considered a minor climb and recommended for beginners, too. Difficulty Level: 3/9.☺

PissDrunx, Mt. Talamitam Summit

First climb after my US stint and I tell you, it was really tough. Haha. When I climbed this mountain 10 years ago, I have my bag with me 'til we reached the summit. And now, I didn't have anything w me - just myself, yet twas a struggle. Lack of exercise and lots of fats - yeah. Thankfully, I have very supportive friends who kept pushing me - almost literally, too. Haha. 

Mt. Talamitam - 10 years later with Yo, we didn't have a copy of the photo 10 years back - sayang!

The climb was also a celebration of Ornap's birthday. He works overseas, so it was a bit of a reunion of our barkada which we call PissDrunx. As always, it was fun, chill and w tears, too? (Bakit tayo may tears, Jong? Hehe. Ton kasi e. ♥) After the climb, we headed to the beach (it didn't have a name, so we just called it the Dudong Cove). Originally, we plan to settle at the Papaya Cove but it was so crowded. It was my first time to get drunk after so many years. But I guess it's fine as am with the right set of people. It was my first time to ride a boat as in a little boat under just the moonlight with no life vest! Crazy. Lots of things happened that weekend. Haha. Lasheng e. And am literally smiling while am typing. The kwentuhan leveled up a bit - maybe because now we're older. Oh well. Fun times. Lasheng times. PD times.

happy lunch photo

Good times - well, not so. (Sorry, Dude! Di ko kayang galit ka saken, confirmed.)
Mt. Talamitam - Topher, me and the Dude I was referring to

Some snaps below. Full album (pics + videos) here

Mt. Talamitam - mga pogi sila - yo, jorge, topher and birthday boy, ornap

Mt. Talamitam GP edit - Topher

Mt. Talamitam GP edit - Pong

Mt. Talamitam GP edit - Jorge

Tagaytay Brekky

Mt. Talamitam pababa na Saudi Pose

Mt. Talamitam - the "baby, are you okay?" pose - haha

picture muna before leaving Dasma

Super touched with this keychain! Thanks, Dude! #simplethings #bigjoys

How to go to Mt. Talamitam:

Public Transpo: Ride a bus bound to Nasugbu. Drop off point should be Sitio Bayabasan. Fare is about PHP120.

Nasugbu Bus Terminals:

  1. DLTB Bus Terminal in Buendia
  2.  San Agustin Bus Terminal in Pasay

Private Transpo: Take the South Super Highway then exit to Sta. Rosa then go straight to Tagaytay. Do a right turn and go straight until you reach the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. Go straight until you reacj Km 83, Sitio Bayabasan which is Mt. Talamitam's jump-off. 

  • Is a guide required? - They are requiring it now, but we managed not to. We were there March 31 for a dayhike. Minimum is PHP300-PHP500, it depends.
  • How much is the registration fee? PHP40 
  • Shower Fee: PHP20 
Remember: Talamitam is an open mountain so it can be very hot during summer. Make sure you have everything you need to protect yourself from the sun. It'll be worth it. 


"Leave nothing but foot prints,take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time." Enjoy! ☺

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pong 🐢💙

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Pong Travels: Neenah, Wisconsin ✈

Hello everyone! 💋

Oh my goodness! It's been forever and I don't have much content anymore! It's been pretty busy since I came home (almost 4 months na!).

My US Trip was a blast and I (think) it helped me mature as an individual and as a professional. Well, I hope I really did. 👩 The trip was my first out of the country trip and my first one alone. It was scary and liberating at the same time. Taught me a lot of things. And this trip contributed a big chunk of what I have become. Naks.

So, this is my 5-week US Trip written in one blog post. Happy hanash reading! 😍

Dreams do come true. Who would have thought, right? That I will be in the land of the free and the home of the brave for 5 weeks. And there's snow! Am extremely happy to see and experience my very first snow fall! ❄ Actually, I am the only one excited to see the snow when I was there. They were like, tired of it. Haha. But I know that they are excited for me. Once the snow fell, everyone looked for me to make sure I won't miss it. 

Snowing - just outside my hotel
My very first snow fall ❆

Shattuck Park - just across my hotel

I've been to different places in Wisconsin - New London, Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay to name a few. Have experienced St. Patty's Day in New London. Gangsta feels. Had a great time with Nicole and Deana - thanks for taking me! Booze all over and cheese curds being thrown to people during the parade was just amazing. lol. 

Limited Edition Bud Light for St. Paddy's Day - took the bottle home

Gangsta Mood slash Jeje feels - you can wear anything in the US 💃

The Gang!

Miss you, Deana!

Drinking alone was very liberating, got to talk to strangers and yeah that really felt good. Sooo good! 
Old Fashioned became my instant favorite. Cheers, self! 🍷 (taken at the LevelOne Restaurant and Lounge)

Ace of Spades (Annual awarding ceremony of Alta Resources) - I was supposed to attend my very first Ace of Spades Awards in Manila at The Shang but I was overseas. Thank God Adrienne let me attend the US Ceremony. We had it in EAA Aviation. It was the first time that I had a taste of Old Fashioned Cocktail - so good. The girls introduced it to me 'cause I always say I wanna try anything Wisconsin. We prepared at my Hotel Room before heading to the venue. It was truly an experience for me - I had the chance to meet and talk to a lot of people and the big bosses, too. Couldn't be more grateful. I have learned a lot! 

No edit. This is me with the ladies before heading to the EAA in my messy hotel room.
(Kathryn, Nicci, Lisa, Adrienne, Angie, Pong)

My dry lips dont care look

At the venue with my Old Fashioned Cocktail

with Kathryn

Wisconsin is also the home of Fava Tea! Since I am a certified tea-lover, Trish took me to this place. Heaven! I also tried my usual Starbucks fix at SB - Appleton - same taste. Good job, SB! Hehe. And since SB is far from where am staying, I tried Timshel Cafe and voila! Love their Earl Grey Tea! 

Fava Tea

Iced Earl Grey Tea from Timshel Cafe

Sabino's - I am missing Sabino's so bad. I have fell in love with this restaurant and I can eat all their food everyday. If only they are near, I would love to take family there. Check my post about them. ♥

Stage Plays - Lucky to have watched 2 - Seussical The Musical and Les Miserables. Always love watching amazing talents on stage! Emily Bautista is a Pinay talent and played Eponine in Les Mis. Galing! 

w Nicholas George (Horton the Elephant of Seussical The Musical)

My buddy Brady and The Cat in the Hat

Adrienne and Me

Roller Skating - Oh my Goodness! It was the first time I did this. And I swear, I died. It was so hard! 
Poser shot

Louise making it look so easy

The good convo. He was a surprise to me. We hardly talk in Manila. But who would have thought, right? I guess, having no choice makes a good conversation. Haha. Definitely one of my favorite convos in my existence - lupet o! Kinailangan pa natin pumunta ng Amerika para mag-usap. Haha. More than the food and all the panlalait, thanks for spoiling me kahit hindi naman talaga. Totally appreciate it! Salamat, Amerika! lol. 

ang pinakakuripot in the entire universe, John Albert Clave

I will prolly post all the pictures in my Facebook account. Just have a few take aways from this trip: 

  • Japan - I fell in love with your heated toilet seats. I had to take a picture inside. Hehe. 
  • Talking to strangers is not bad at all. I have met several folks - Donna (Atlanta), she reminded me of Mama, I felt at home taking to her. Given the chance, I will definitely look for her to say hi; a guy, also in Atlanta, he's bound to Appleton, too. Too bad, I did not get his name but it was a short but sweet convo. Thanks for saying hello!
  • Atlanta and Chicago Airport - you both amazed me. 
  • Being independent is a good thing. You get to learn a lot of things.  
  • Being alone in a foreign country for 5 weeks is definitely a life changing phase. 
  • My parents missed me so bad. Especially my mom. Haha. Tibzi is as always, supportive. Gotta love the #fabfour. 
  • Korea - I love that bear in Incheon Airport. I met a fellow Pinay in Korea. Very inspiring. And SB - Korea has Earl Grey Jelly!!!! 
  • Work Ethics - it's always a good feeling to have an amazing support group while you learn new things everyday.
  • Life is simple, let's not complicate things. If you want it, you want it. If you don't, you don't. 
  • Learn to negotiate. Saying no is okay.
  • Subjective vs Objective - google it. LOL
  • Letting go is not a bad thing at all. It can result to greater things, more amazing people, etc.
  • US - your food servings are so huge. I can eat each serving for 2 days. lol
  • Red Door Mercantile, TJ Maxx and The World Market are my favorite shops. 
  • Opportunities can happen anytime - thanks, Alta!
  • Time - so precious. Adrienne, Kathryn, Nicci, Lisa, Angie, Louise, Kris, Nicole, Trish, Tracy and Juli  - appreciate the time taking me places. 
  • Smiling faces and the warmth - couldn't thank everyone enough for being so welcoming. The food, all the offer to take me places, for entertaining all my questions, etc. 
  • Liz - if you happen to read this, we don't have pictures? Really? At all? Thanks for taking me to Mass with your fam! Miss you guys! 
  • Hockey - sooo physical!! Wrestling on ice!
  • Popeye's - I miss you! And Qdoba, too!
  • I have yet to try that Guacamole recipe from Tina! That Venison sausage is delish!
  • Laundry - yeah, I learned.
  • Taco Tuesdays and Fish Fry Fridays!
  • Sausages from the street are the yummiest! Haha!
  • Spotted Cow - WI beer
  • Potato Chips Day - this exists! 
  • DoubleTree Cookies - my favorite cookie in the universe!
  • DT experience - fire alarm alarmed falsely, shower floor flooded, no hot water during winter.  Amber - she's the best manager!
  • Black Panther - I saw this film in WI. Good experience.
  • Ate Leonie and Ate Minnie - thanks for checking on me and Ate Minnie - love the TP jersey!
  • Walking and jogging around the snow and braving the Snow Storm just to document my stay is something that I will forever cherish.
  • Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to say hello. Toinks! 
  • Discipline, change and happiness starts from within. 
  • And yeah, it is unlonely being alone. Sarap din!

Now, where to next? Melaka? Hmmm.

speak from the heart, 
pong 🐢💙