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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Random - The Second. The Last. The Latter. ☁

Hello! 😍

Good morning from Manila, everyone! I have been to two trips recently and I have not shared these amazing spots yet (Antipolo, Rizal and Puerto Galera). Been busy with work and I have been spending quality time with a friend who is in vacation for the whole month. I have skipped badminton two weeks in a row now (I miss my Smashville Barbies - huhu), no jogging (but I swim 🏊 ) and I have been pigging out - shame. 🐷

I just feel writing at this very moment - just random morning thoughts after 2 meetings since 4:30AM. Work has been pretty tough lately but today is just so-so. I guess it's just too little time, so much to do. (Thanks, Arkarna) Haha. Feels good to be alive, yeah?

So what's been happening? The NBA Finals has finally concluded and it was The Golden State Warriors who emerged victorious. Congratulations, Steph Curry and the gang. I mean how could you not love Steph, right? Such an amazing guy! Though, I can't still move on from the fact that my Spurs lost in the semis against them. 🏀

Tennis has been a heartache too - the Bae Andy Murray lost in an anxiety attack semi-final match against Stan Wawrinka. Same goes for Martina Hingis. But it is what it is. We just have to keep moving forward. 🎾

It has been months of unending mixed signals stories which drives me nuts and my friends crazy. Until when? I dunno. Can be today, tomorrow, maybe never. We just need to decide and choose. Again, feels good to be alive, yes? My "K Levels" has been fluctuating dramatically. Send me a PM if you want to know the meaning of that. LOL. My friends really know me that well and they have the guts to tell me that - no filter. Just love 'em.

Anyway, subject line - The Second. The Last. The Latter is so random. I just feel that it suits this article simply because it's "random". Was just in FB Messenger with Coachee and that came out - his OOTD. Haha! Good morning! ☀

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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left - baby steph; right - coachee
photo credits: Aldous Jimenez

Monday, May 29, 2017

Pong Eats: Go! Salads 💚

Hello! 😀

I finally found the perfect salad place near the office - Go! Salads. Cheers to healthy living! 🍷 Thanks to one of my agents for the suggestion. Tried it last Saturday and I fell in love right away. 💚

I tried their Kuro Salad (Baked Black Peppered Lemongrass Chicken, Crispy Bihon and Toasted Black Sesame Dressing). Sarap! (Yummy!) The serving is so generous at a very affordable price of PHP120. They have a lot of farm fresh salad varieties, healthy smoothies and even guiltless desserts - great, yes? They also sell their very own dressing which you can try at home. They accept bulk orders but make sure to place your order at least a day before. Can't wait to try other variety this week. 👌

Snaps of their menu and products below. Try it and see for yourself! 😉



- Ortigas Carpark, Sapphire Rd
- The Medical City
- Robinsons Cyberscape Beta, Ruby Rd (this is the branch where I tried the Kuro Salad)
- Robinsons Cybergate Plaza, EDSA


- 3F Dela Rosa Carpark
- 9F Philam Bldg, Legazpi Village
- Salamin Bldg, Salcedo


- Katipunan Avenue, F.B Dela Rosa Street
- Eastwood Techno Plaza 2

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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That's Kitty right there checking Go! Salads Menu


Menu 1

Menu 2
Go! Salads - Robinson's Cyberscape Beta

Me: Ate, blog ko kayo ha,
Ate: Sige po.
Me: Smile ka, Ate.
Ate: Nakakahiya po e.
Cute ni Ate. Very nice sya. 

know the facts 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pong Eats: Maria's - Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner.After 🍲

Hello! 😋

Here's another place that I just discovered recently. I've been seeing this place when strolling around Emerald Avenue (F. Ortigas Jr. now) but it was only last May 9 that I get to experience their food.  Thanks to my Boss for having the Team Breakfast there. ✌ 

Last May 22, I went back to the place with my Milk Tea Gang - my IT Friends from my previous company. Gosh, I missed hanging with them -always a good laugh! 😏😳😤

The place is called Maria's. They cater to Filipino dishes. Their best seller is Lechon Kare-kare. Legit! Rapsa! (Yummy!) 😋
They also have combo foods and foods for sharing. They have drinks too - with alcohol and alcohol free. They have LCD TVs where you can watch sports - it was BOS vs CLE when we were there. We've talked about LBJ but just a short talk as no one's a fan LOL. And yeah, they are open 24 hours, so drop by anytime you like! 😉 

Location: G/F Eton Emerald Lofts, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd cor Garnet St., Ortigas Center Pasig 1605


Snaps below. Enjoy!! 😤

PS: their extra rice and soup are both FREE!!!

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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Maria's Entrance
Ghie & Kris
The Milk Tea Gang

Spicy Shrimp

Arroz ala Cubana

Legit! Sarap! Lechon Kare-kare

Beef Peppered Corn

Home-made Bacon

Menu 1
Menu 2

Menu 3

Menu 4

Menu 5

Menu 6

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Back to the Jungle! Roar! 🐯

Hello! Today, am back in the office! The Holiday fever has ended and am back to my usual to-do list stuff. I tend to write everything as I don't want to forget anything. 📎

I kinda miss working or uhm not really 😀, maybe just the feel of waking up every morning and commuting from Cavite to Ortigas. 

It was a catch-up meeting when I arrived. People leaving is still the major ish, hopefully, this year though, we can sort things out. Am drafting another incentive plan for the team, crossing my fingers to finally get this approved. 👍

On my way home, am aboard Jasper Jean Bus and a kid with his Granny sat beside me. The kid, I know right away that he has motion sickness because he had candy right after sitting down and his Granny handed him an empty Picnic (potato strips snack) can inside a plastic bag. So anytime he feels like throwing up, it's ready. He tried to sleep while inhaling Vicks. He slept for some time but he couldn't help it - he threw up. No mess, in fairness. Then he fell sleep. Since I am sitting beside him, am not sure if I would let him rest or lean his body against me, I want to do it, but I don't know how to start; but fate already made its way, so the boy slept leaning his body against me. Did not move at all. When he woke up, he felt dizzy again, so I handed his Granny a plastic bag and some tissue. Finally, am getting off the bus, so I bid my goodbyes to them and I said "Ingat". I even told the Granny, "Nay, dito na po kayo, bababa na po ako." So there, when I was walking, I looked back and they are looking at me too, the Granny smiled at me and kinilig ako. Made my day. I miss my Lolas. 👵😂

Remember, it pays to be good and do good no matter how small it is. Thank you Lord for the opportunity! 👆

- Pong

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Wynsum Corporate Plaza - I work here! 😊 📷 Jorge

That's me chillin' outside the building. 📷 Jorge