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Friday, September 1, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Alta Sportsfest '17 🎾⚽

Hiii! 😏

Sportsfest na! When this was announced, I was excited, of course, because I knew that I will be joining. Untiiill the injury happened. Bummer! 😕

PANGILINAN reprezent numero 9 - please excuse the shadow of my hand
Last year, I was fairly new to the company and I didn't care that much because I had different goals at that time, maybe to get regularized first or so. 

Anyway, so, back in June, I was busy going places, trekking, swimming, jogging because am trying to lose weight and oops how could I forget - badminton. Was kinda successful losing weight but then again, anything too much is not always right. All my activities involve my legs so I need to be extra careful moving forward if I want to use my legs for a loooonger time. 

This year, our company sports fest is happening September 4th. And I will be just a spectator and a supporter which I don't mind but I'd love it more if I'll be playing too. But it is what it is. I find our uniform or our team jersey not so cute at all. Haha. First, it's yellow. Am not a yellow fan! (double meaning ) The combination just svcks. Haha. If I were to choose, my nick name "Pong" should have been written in the back of the shirt, not my last name. Love the #9 though. Tony Parker - my ex. 

Yellow Musang. Hehe. K.

I just want to show you our jersey but am not wearing it. Am not playing anyway. Haha! But I support Yellow Musang all the way! What a name too, right? Peace! ✌  ✌  ✌

speak from the heart,
pong 💙

Monday, August 28, 2017

Pong Thoughts: August is Almost Over! 🙆

Hello hello! 😍

It's been a while and my blog has reached almost 9K views. I haven't posted in a while (in a while twice in one sentence, lol 😅), how sweet, yeah? Just saying thanks to all the page viewers and readers! Thanks, guys! 💕 

thank you, guys! 💋

August is almost over and has August been good? Kinda - yeah. I am still on the sidelines - my ankle sprain isn't fully healed yet and it's been 2 months. How sad is that? Very heartbreaking. 💔 But I know God has a purpose with all the things that's been going on. I've been home most of the time, which is not so me because am always out. Also spent time at Marco's place to have some quality time with my godson, X and have an essential talk to Dyj. 👌

Badminton tournament in the office is happening September 4th, and yes, I already declined. I don't want to risk the chance of the sprain getting worst, it's already on it's healing stage! So, am being good to myself. Haha. Being good to yourself is a good thing! A friend said that taking care of yourself is a training too (hi, Jong. Swimming lessons with you soon!) 😆

I had a week of Facebook Detox too. Good stuff. I had a good sleep for a week and no paranoia or anything. I've been kinda depressed if you may call it, during that time. Felt so ugly, really. Thank goodness, deactivating your Facebook somehow, makes you realize who are the people who will extend all means to check on you. I may have a few, but they are the ones worth keeping. [Hey, Cheesy. I know you're not reading my blogs but thanks for telling me that I still look good even am so Panget, which ironically, your pet name for me. Talking and spending time with you always feel good.] 👫 Spent one weekend with Ean's family too. Ry is so cute and super kwentuhan with his Mom is such a joy. Sarap ng kwentuhan e. Well, Ean, as always, slept the whole time. Tsk. 😔

Dropped by at Smashville to finally see my Barbies and of course to have some lumpiang togue. Ang sarap talaga! 😋

Patty Patty! 😍

August has been the final stretch of the unending challenges my family's been going through. But guess what, God is never advanced, never late - just always on time. Di ba, Tibz? We're on this together and few of our genuine friends. God is always good. Love you always, Tibz! And to our friends, you know who you are! We will always be forever grateful. 💋💖

Am excited for the Christmas months! Few days to go! Fresh start! Am excited to travel again, play badminton, climb the mountains, swim, be back on track and to spend quality time with the people who matters the most, and maybe know new folks. 😏

Always remember that tomorrow is always a second chance for anything. 😉

speak from the heart,
pong 💙🐢

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pong Thoughts: When life tells you to slow down.. 💭

Hello! 😙

Just two days ago, a life changing (pardon my exaggeration, but it's my first time) incident happened when I was playing one of my favorite sports - Badminton. Badminton has been my Saturday de-stressing activity after work and I started at Smashville - Pasig last March. 

After two weeks of not playing, around 6PM or so, it was my 4th game, 2nd set (we were winning, Mark & I), I accidentally twisted my left ankle. At first, I thought, it's tolerable, but then I found myself sitting in the middle of the court while Mark continued to play for our team. It was painful and I can't even stand. I needed their help to get to the nearest bench on the sides. Immediately, Patty grabbed an ice to help reduce the swelling. Not good. Patty was able to capture pictures which made me smile though - haha. (Ayan e!) I was not able to play anymore afterwards. Was just in the sidelines watching them play. 😯

Was so excited to be back on the courts after two weeks, it was Patty's birthday, should've been a happy Saturday but my ankle had different plans. I guess it's life's way of telling me to slow down a bit. To pause and just appreciate things in a different perspective. It's not the end of the world, hello? Am just not used to being the patient and my busy and active lifestyle to be put on hold for awhile. Am supposed to be in the mountains today!! Huhu. Well, when life tells you to do so, can't do anything about it. Injury is real. Now, I understand how it feels and why some athletes even cry because of injuries especially if it happens while playing. More than the pain, I think it was sadness that I really felt. Found myself sitting in a hospital's wheelchair, being injected a pain killer via IV (sakit, dude!) and the fact that I can't do the things I love for awhile. But then again, there's a reason for everything. It is what it is. 😐

Thanks to Tibzi, Mama, Pa, my Smashville Barbies and to my family and friends who sent their well wishes. You know who you are! Love ko kayo! 💋

And thank you Lord it's nothing serious! No fracture. Yay! But an ortho consult won't hurt. 😀

#GoSpursGo - sorry, I just had to. lol

So, when you experience ankle sprain, here's what you can do:

- ice/cold compress, first 24 hours
- the sprained ankle should be elevated to lessen the swelling (higher than the heart, the better)
- hot compress after 24 hours, or when advised by your physician
- x-ray to check for fracture
- pain killers - as advised by your physician
- limit movement ie walking, running etc.
- do not put on weight on the injured/spained ankle
- because, there will be lesser activities (no work-outs, sports etc), eat healthy na lang
- have enough sleep

Always remember to speak from the 💙.
- pong 🐢

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Skin test (sakit din) + bandage

Di ko sure anong ginagawa namin dito. Haha. 

Thanks, Mark 💞

Sweeling at it's finest with Hematoma and Turmeric Stain on the side

Trying to smile in this not so wanted chair and place. Still, all good! 👆