Monday, January 2, 2017

Pong Travels: Surfing Liwa 🏄🌊

Hi All,

I was able to experience the swell of Liwliwa, Zambales - finally!
Typhoon Lando hit Zambales last 2015 that's why I was not able to go.
Last year, November 26, I, with my team, pushed for Liwa though there's a Typhoon warning too. Thank God for the good weather! ☀

My team planned for a cheap and budget travel - ang hirap! Haha! Pero everyone is so game, so go lang. After searching the net, we settle for Kapitan's Liwa Surf Resort, a 2-minute walk to the beach.Chill ng lugar, actually Liwa itself, sobrang chill. And ang bait ng owner - they lend us cooler and grill.

Liwa is the "nearest Zambales" to Manila. 3-4 hours lang andun ka na. Pero dahil traffic ayun, inabot na kami ng 7:30P. Nakaalis kami ng Victory Liner - Cubao around 2:20P.

2K ang sinet namin na budget pero mas mura pa ginastos namin! So ang saya! Halos walang signal sa resort, so more bonding and kwentuhan, sa beach area, okay ang reception.

How to go to Liwa?
Ride a bus going to Zambales in Victory Liner Pasay or Cubao. (pag walang direchong Zambales, Olongapo na lang then from Olongapo, sakay ng Zambales then ask to be dropped off to San Felipe)

Here's the breakdown of our expenses:

Cubao - San Felipe: PHP292 (Cubao-Olongapo: PHP212, Olongapo-San Felipe: PHP80)
Tricycle to LiwLiwa Resorts: PHP30/pax
Kapitan's Liwa Accommodation: PHP3000 (good for 8pax, non-ac)
Food Contribution: PHP500 (sobra 'to - takot lang magutom, guys)

TOTAL: 1572 (two-way)

Dahil sobra ang money namin para sa food, may take home pa kami ginamit na lang sa:

Surf Board Rental: PHP200/HR (no instructor)

Other notes:
Surf Board Rental: PHP400/HR (w/ instructor)
Must-try: Mommy Phoebe's Shakes (ranges from PHP40 - PHP100) - Rapsa!
Souvenir Magnets: PHP50
Souvenir Stickers: PHP40
Slim Water Gallon (w gripo): PHP50 (+ PHP200 Deposit)

Kapitan's Liwa Contact #: 09209070412

Here are some of our pictures. Enjoy and visit Liwa soon! 👌👌👌 - Pong

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The struggle is real!

All is swell on that day! ;)

Team Liwa

This is where we stayed. :)

Your group can also stay upstairs - it's an open spot and chill sa baba.

Try lang. :)

Mi Amigas ang peg

Sunrise - waking up at 4:30A is so worth it!

Sana magpaddle ako para umandar, di ba? Haha!


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  2. Thank You Joane! Oras na para bumyahe. 2017 Travel Time!

    1. Thank you for dropping by and sharing, Mare! :)

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  4. BeraDa"POGI"09:29

    WOW! nice blog beshy! thnks for sharing ur experience. <3 more,, more!

    1. Thanks, Beshy! Bet ko yang pagiging supportive mo. Haha. May post pa ko isa yung sa Nasugbu! ;) <3

  5. Sna matry ko dn magsurf nxt uwi ko jowiway

    1. Anonymous08:47

      gawin naten pag-uwi mo. - pong

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