Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Journey to the Healthier Me. 🏃🏊🚵

Hello Everyone! Am following this training plan sent by a friend (Thanks, Jong 😊) and was made by Coach Norman (Galing ni Coach!). Looks easy and yes the first day went fine. 🆒 Hopefully, I can keep up until the last day of the 5K Training Plan - kaya ko 'to! Will reduce food intake especially rice and sweets and that's it. Healthy running should never be rushed. So try nyo din 'to! 

Sharing the link and photo below. The link has the 10K Training Plan too.

Day 1 - ✔ 

- Pong 🏃🐢

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Galing nito Coach! 🏃🐢

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