Friday, January 20, 2017

Pong Eats: Isaw - Baga Manila 🔥🔥🔥

Hello! 😀

Just want to share my childhood favorite street food - Chicken Intestine or Isaw. 
Isaw was introduced to me by one of my Titas (Aunts) when I was a kid. Tough I eat this in moderation now, it's still something I could not resist especially when am in Food Bazaars or when am at Baga Manila (street food night market, Banchetto kind of).

Go check-out 3 J's Grill. They have the tastiest Isaw and Pork Barbeque in Baga Manila - All Home, Imus. It's tender and the suka (vinegar) where you dip the intestines is flavorful too. 👌

Some images I took below. Enjoy! 😉

- Pong 🐢

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FAVES! Chicken Isaw, Pork Barbeque

Tibzi enjoyingher Isaw

Baga Manila around 6PM

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