Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pong Thoughts: GY Hits 👧👦

Hello! ☺

So, am writing this with that Subject Line as this week, I will be doing the Graveyard Shift. I will be working from 12MN - 9AM. It's been awhile and I must say certain adjustments were made especially the sleeping time. All good so far. 3 days to go! ☺

Happy to see familiar faces doing the GY Shift and spending some time with friends from other company. Haha!

Thanks for the company and the cray-cray moments, Bera! See you again! Ganda ng ilaw sa Chowking! Hehe. ☺ 

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- Pong 🐢☺

Chowking - Ortigas. 📷 MarkBera

That's him! ☺ 📷 #pongtograpiya

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