Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pong Thoughts: Back to the Jungle! Roar! 🐯

Hello! Today, am back in the office! The Holiday fever has ended and am back to my usual to-do list stuff. I tend to write everything as I don't want to forget anything. 📎

I kinda miss working or uhm not really 😀, maybe just the feel of waking up every morning and commuting from Cavite to Ortigas. 

It was a catch-up meeting when I arrived. People leaving is still the major ish, hopefully, this year though, we can sort things out. Am drafting another incentive plan for the team, crossing my fingers to finally get this approved. 👍

On my way home, am aboard Jasper Jean Bus and a kid with his Granny sat beside me. The kid, I know right away that he has motion sickness because he had candy right after sitting down and his Granny handed him an empty Picnic (potato strips snack) can inside a plastic bag. So anytime he feels like throwing up, it's ready. He tried to sleep while inhaling Vicks. He slept for some time but he couldn't help it - he threw up. No mess, in fairness. Then he fell sleep. Since I am sitting beside him, am not sure if I would let him rest or lean his body against me, I want to do it, but I don't know how to start; but fate already made its way, so the boy slept leaning his body against me. Did not move at all. When he woke up, he felt dizzy again, so I handed his Granny a plastic bag and some tissue. Finally, am getting off the bus, so I bid my goodbyes to them and I said "Ingat". I even told the Granny, "Nay, dito na po kayo, bababa na po ako." So there, when I was walking, I looked back and they are looking at me too, the Granny smiled at me and kinilig ako. Made my day. I miss my Lolas. 👵😂

Remember, it pays to be good and do good no matter how small it is. Thank you Lord for the opportunity! 👆

- Pong

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Wynsum Corporate Plaza - I work here! 😊 📷 Jorge

That's me chillin' outside the building. 📷 Jorge

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